Gray Zone Warfare armor explained: Types, protection levels, more

Lucas Simons
Body Armor Gray Zone Warfare

Armor protects you from bullets in Gray Zone Warfare and players need to know how the protective gear works to survive the dangers of Lamang. Here’s all you need to know about armor, protection levels, and more in GZW.

Gray Zone Warfare is quite a realistic game, where beginner players might find themselves questioning its core mechanics. Body armor is one of the things that’s difficult to understand since it comes in various protection levels.

Here’s what you should know about armor levels, protection, and the best armor to use in GZW.

How does body armor work in Gray Zone Warfare?

Body armor offers protection from projectiles in Gray Zone Warfare, but some details are important to know before you equip armor in the game:

  • Durability: All body armor degrades as you receive bullet impacts. The more piercing capability a projectile has, and the lesser the distance between the shooter and the target, the more likely it will penetrate the defensive plates.
  • Protection levels: Vests/body armor have levels of bulletproof capabilities and based on NIJ (National Institute of Justice) military-standard levels: IIA is the lowest, then comes II, IIIA, III, III+, and finally IV.
  • Weight: The more protection body armor offers, the more it weighs. This means your mobility will be reduced the stronger your protection levels are.
  • Protection plate sides: Every armor piece covers one, or several sides of the torso with protective plates. To know which parts of your body are covered you need to check the following indicators: Front (F), Back (B), or Sides (S). If an armor says: FBS, then it covers all sides. But if it only says F, it just offers front-side protection. That means that projectiles coming from unprotected sides will penetrate your torso and kill you instantly.
  • Magazine Pockets: Some body armor occupy harness spots and offer both protection and magazine pockets to store your cartridges. So keep that in mind when equipping your character.
Gray Zone Warfare Armor sold in Handshake vendor
Having the correct armor protection could mean the difference between a bruise and death.

Keep in mind that durability also impacts which protection plate sides break first. If you received a bullet in the back and the body armor saved you, the back protective plate might be broken. That means if you receive another bullet on the same side it should kill you.

Body armor types in GZW

Body armor in Gray Zone Warfare comes in two types: Vests and Full Armor.

Vests usually offer less protection and need to be equipped alongside a Harness to store magazines.

Full Armor comes with its own magazine pockets and offers complete protection. It also weighs more and occupies both Armor and Harness Slots.

Best body armor in Gray Zone Warfare

The best body armor in Gray Zone Warfare is the Modular Operator Carrier Gen2, with all sides IIIA protection levels. Its moderate protection level is compensated by the fact that it covers all sides of the torso. Plus it has a carrying capacity of 8 and allows you to slot magazines.

That’s all you need to know about protective body armor in Gray Zone Warfare. If you want to keep surviving in Lamang, you should also learn how to inspect weapons, and how to earn money to buy more equipment. Also, here are some extra tips to help you pick a faction, and to complete your first tasks.