How to check weapon status in Gray Zone Warfare

Lucas Simons
Gray Zone Warfare squad looting a corpse

In Gray Zone Warfare there’s no user interface besides the minimum, which guarantees a fully realistic experience. So, how do you check the status of your weapon, ammo, and firing mode?

Players trying Gray Zone Warfare for the first time will soon notice there’s no ammo countdown below their screens, nor a status window to let them know if their weapon is operational. On that note, there is a way to check how many bullets you have left in your magazine, what firing mode is selected, the range of the scope on your currently equipped weapon, and other important details.

So, here’s how to check your weapon status in Gray Zone Warfare.

How to do a weapon checkup in Gray Zone Warfare

To check the status of your weapon, magazine, firing mode, and zeroing distance in Gray Zone Warfare, you need to examine your gun, by pressing Left Alt+V.

Your avatar will do a quick checkup of all the weapon implements and messages will pop up on the right side of the screen, informing you of how many bullets you have left in the magazine, the firing mode currently activated, and zeroing distance of your scope.

You can also do a quick magazine checkup by pressing V, and this will let you know how many bullets are left before you need to recharge.

M4A1 Gray Zone Warfare
Pressing Alt+V will do a full checkup of the currently equipped weapon.

It is important to mention that Gray Zone Warfare is a hyperrealistic tactical shooter, and recharging will switch the entire magazine. Bullets do not count as a global pool but are instead loaded individually on each magazine.

For example, if you have reloaded 3 times after a few shots, you will have 3 magazines with partially depleted rounds in your inventory. This will make that the fourth time recharging will introduce the first half-empty magazine to your weapon.

Keep this in mind while playing and check your weapon status after each enemy encounter, to prevent you from committing this mistake.

And that’s how to check your weapon status in Gray Zone Warfare. For more guides and useful tips about this tactical extraction shooter, you can consult our guide section below:

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