How to reset account in Gray Zone Warfare

Nathan Warby
Gray Zone Warfare characters walking through grass

If you’re unhappy with your customized character or faction choice in Gray Zone Warfare you may want to reset your account and start again, but is this an option? Here’s everything you need to know.

When you boot up Gray Zone Warfare for the first time, you’re asked to customize your own soldier with the deep character creator and join one of three distinct factions. However, your choices are final once they’re locked in, so players might be looking for a way to reset their account.

But how can you reset your character in Gray Zone Warfare? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to reset character in Gray Zone Warfare

You can reset your character in Gray Zone Warfare through the ‘account wipe’ option added by the devs in Hotfix #2. This feature can be found in the Main Menu and will manually wipe your account, resetting all your progress.

Once the wipe is done and you relaunch the game, you will go through the character creation process again and all your Edition Content and starter gear will return. You can opt for a character wipe to switch factions or to recover from a missing head/secure container bug.

Finally, it’s worth noting that account wipes are irreversible, and this feature has a one-hour cooldown. So, if you’re not happy with how your character looks or if you’re unsatisfied with the chosen faction again, you’ll just have to wait one hour from your last reset.

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