Best weapon attachments in Gray Zone Warfare: Sights, Silencers, Stocks, more

Lucas Simons
Gray Zone Warfare customized Mosing Nagant

In Gray Zone Warfare, weapon attachments are mods that change how your guns work. Here’s a list of the best attachments you can find in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare is a tactical shooter that offers high levels of realism, and this includes weapon customization. With hundreds of attachments to modify your weapon with, it is hard to choose the best ones for your load-outs.

So, here are the best weapon attachments in Gray Zone Warfare, including Sights, Stocks, Handles, and Muzzles/Silencers.

How to customize weapons in Gray Zone Warfare

To customize weapons in Gray Zone Warfare, right-click on the weapon you want to mod and select inspect. After that, all compatible weapon parts or attachments will be highlighted in yellow. Now the only thing you need to do is drag and drop on your weapon to attach the new part.

How to customize weapons in Gray Zone Warfare
To attach certain scopes you will need its compatible mount and additional rings/rails if needed.

Some parts, like Sights and certain Handles, require an additional step before you can attach it to a weapon. For example, Sights need to be attached to their compatible mount or rail before being introduced in bulk into the weapon.

Best Sights in Gray Zone Warfare

The best Sights in Gray Zone Warfare is the Acog TA01NSN Assault Scope. With a x4 magnification and sight range of 600 meters, it’s one of the most versatile early game Sights and can be attached to almost every weapon in the game.

Acog Tactical Assault Scope Gray Zone Warfare
The Acog needs to be mounted in a specific part of the same manufacturer.

The ACOG Scope will allow you to stay at a safe distance and engage the enemy from the perfect position, to avoid ambushes and unnecessary close-range engagements. Just make sure to combine it with a silencer or a flash hider and you’re set for most of the game.

Best stocks in Gray Zone Warfare

The best Stock in Gray Zone Warfare is the AK MOE Stock, a Stock that offers both handling and aim stamina cost reduction. You can buy this attachment from Artisan at level 1 and you can use it for every AK weapon in the game.

The M4 Nylon Stock is, in my experience, another great option for early game stages. It is compatible with the M4 weapon series, but in this case, it offers slightly less handling and a little bit more stamina cost reduction. Depending on your gameplay style, you may prefer using the M4 to the AK 47, but keep in mind that the latter is the best weapon in the game.

Best Handles in Gray Zone Warfare

The best Handle in Gray Zone Warfare is the RK0, which is a frontal grip that can be attached to a Picatinny or B9 rail and adds greater recoil control and less stamina drain when aiming. This mod can be used for almost every weapon in Gray Zone Warfare and this makes it a great option for both early and late game.

RK-0 Front Grip for assault rifles, shotguns, and rifles.
The RK-0 offers control and versatility but reduces handling.

The RK-0 has a great overall performance, and since it is compatible with most weapons in the game, you can add it to most of your loadouts throughout your Lamang Island campaign. Just consider that it has a slight decrease in weapon handling and that means less accuracy.

Best Suppressors in Gray Zone Warfare

The ARC 1 Suppressor for the M4 is the best muzzle mod in Gray Zone Warfare. It provides a considerable reduction in the detection range and allows players to turn their M4s into powerful stealth weapons. The only downside is that it needs to be attached to the SF3P muzzle, unlockable at Gunny vendor level 2.

Another good option for the early game is the PBS-01 Suppressor and you can buy it from Artisan at level 1. Suppressors are a must-have for tactical advantage and to prevent enemy detection. In Gray Zone Warfare staying one step ahead of your enemy and having the element of surprise in your favor can mean the difference between life and death.

That’s all you need to know about the best attachments in Gray Zone Warfare. For more information and guides you can also visit our guide section below:

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