Gray Zone Warfare players reveal vital mechanics hidden behind secret keybinds

Joseph Pascoulis
gray zone warfare player reloading sniper

Grazy Zone Warfare has many mechanics, some of which you are not told about but they can actually be extremely useful.

You’ll need all the tactical advantage you can get in Gray Zone Warfare, as progressing through tasks depends on your survival.

As well as AI, other players will be looking to dent your progress, so having the best weapons and gear is essential. In fact, GZW also has some secret mechanics that players can use to gain an advantage, as some players in the community decided to share them.

It all kicked off with Reddit post from ‘SuperDoubleSlap’ that said, “25 hours in, and I just realized I could hold my breath while I shoot.” Holding down the Alt key will allow you to do so, which makes hitting shots with long-ranged scopes much easier.

There’s more, however, as another mentioned the use of holding CTRL and using the mouse wheel to change the player’s height, which can help greatly when trying to line shots up with a Sniper or long-ranged rifle.

grazy zone warfare player aiming down scope with sniper rifle
Holding your breath will greatly help your accuracy with snipers in Gray Zone Warfare.

In fact, one user on the thread shared a bunch of keybinds that are extremely useful to know in GZW. Here’s a list of them:

  • Hold ALT – Hold breath while aiming
  • CTRL + Mouse Wheel – dictates height of the player (from crouch to full stand)
  • PG UP & PG DN – Change zeroing
  • V – Check weapon magazine
  • ALT + V – Check weapon (magazine, optics, zeroing, chamber)
  • Hold Right Click + Hold ALT + Mouse Wheel – Change sight reticle on applicable scopes
  • CTRL + WASD – Slow walk
  • CTRL + RIGHT CLICK – Fast loot

These tips are great for mastering Gray Zone Warfare, as they are all extremely useful in their own right. Being able to fast loot is essential for getting in and out quickly, slow walking is great for staying hidden, and checking your magazine will let you know exactly how many shots you have left.

If you haven’t been using some of these keybinds, perhaps it’s time to give them a go next time you play Gray Zone Warfare on PC, as they can be extremely handy.