Best extraction routes in Gray Zone Warfare

Lucas Simons
Squad jumping into the chopper Gray Zone Warfare

In Gray Zone Warfare, extracting is the only way you can bring back your loot safely to the base, so here are the best extraction routes in Gray Zone Warfare.

In Gray Zone Warfare, players will find themselves having to carry a lot of loot, and often, tasks require them to retrieve items. To bring these precious objects back to base, they should know everything about extraction routes they can follow.

So here are the best Extraction Routes to follow in each zone of Gray Zone Warfare’s map.

How does extraction work in Gray Zone Warfare

To extract in Gray Zone Warfare, players need to open their global maps by pressing ESC and the Map tab, then right-click at the Landing Zone (LZ) at the base they want to extract to and call for a chopper.

Players will be prompted with a voice cue from the chopper’s pilot to let them know when and where he will arrive. Usually, the closest extraction point will be your nearest Landing Zone.

Best Nam Thaven extraction route

In Gray Zone Warfare, the best extraction route starts in Bravo 1 and ends in Bravo 3. This way you can loot through Nam Thaven with ease, as it is the safest extraction route in this area. The thick trees just about 50 meters from the chopper Landing Zone grant perfect coverage to prevent being sniped, and there are relatively few enemies in the area.

The only spawning spot you should be careful to clear before starting an evac is the cabin located southeast of Bravo 3, just around the location where you complete Little Bird Down.

Best Kiu Vonsang Area extraction route

In Gray Zone Warfare, the best Kiu Vonsang extraction route starts by landing in Charlie 2 and ends at Charlie 1.

Players should move northwest from the LZ, and then start looting and moving north towards Charlie 1. This will guarantee you are the safest away from potential campers. A thick layer of trees is approximately 35 meters away from the chopper LZ, so you can take cover there to await its arrival.

gray zone warfare character looking at helicopter
A chopper takes between 1 to 3 minutes to arrive at the Landing Zone, so listen to the pilot’s cues.

Best Tiger Bay Area extraction route

In the Tiger Bay Area of Gray Zone Warfare, the best extraction route starts at Juliet 2 and ends at India 2. This is a LZ where you can start running for cover in the jungle next to it, then move north towards the Tiger Bay area, looting your way northwest.

Use the jungle north of the docks for cover, this way, you will be safe from snipers and most of the enemies that are prowling the zone. From there move west bordering the jungle towards India 2 (Ban Pa’s Landing Zone), that way you can avoid being detected by campers, pursuer squads, and most of the enemies on the coast.

Best Fort Narith Area extraction route

In Fort Narith Area of Gray Zone Warfare, the best extraction route starts at Delta 3 and ends in Delta 3. You want to land on Delta 3, move west from there, using the trees as cover, loot the buildings in the central area, and then go back to Delta 3 for extraction.

Avoid Delta 1 and Delta 2, as they are the predilect hunting ground for snipers, and the areas surrounding the rice paddy fields are swarming with enemies.

Best Hunter’s Paradise Area extraction route

The best extraction route in the Hunter’s Paradise area of Gray Zone Warfare’s map starts and ends in Foxtrot 2. Loot towards the weapons storage area, but be careful of the swarms of enemies standing guard around this place. Then move back to Foxtrot 2 for extraction.

Gray Zone Warfare landing zone
The area surrounding Foxtrot 1 in Hunter’s Paradise can be tremendously dangerous.

Avoid Foxtrot 1 at any cost, as campers prefer to camp near a rock formation that has a clear sight of the LZ, and this zone offers little cover to avoid being ambushed.

Best Midnight Sapphire Area extraction route

The best extraction route in the Gray Zone Warfare area of Midnight Sapphire starts at Hotel 1 and ends at Golf 1 of the Pha Lang’s Area. This is one of the most dangerous areas of the game, heavily covered with enemy NPC patrols, and due to the amount of loot, it is often controlled by aggressive players looking to make a quick buck.

Looting around the Hotel 1 area, near the lake shore, and going back to the jungle towards the northeast, then dropping southeast towards Golf 1 is your safest choice to avoid being caught in the Killzone.

Best Pha Lang Airfield Area extraction route

The best Gray Zone Warfare Pha Lang extraction route starts at Hotel 2, from the Midnight Sapphire Area, and ends at Golf 2. You want to avoid the looting route that starts at Golf 1 since many trigger-happy players coming from Midnight Sapphire heavy with loot will be waiting for the extraction there.

So you want to go the other way around by starting at Hotel 2 and dropping to the jungle below the LZ. Then moving through the treeline will offer you cover, and allow you to reach the Airfield lootable area.

But be careful of the Airfield’s landing track, as it offers little cover and you will be sitting ducks if you take too long to cross over to the other side. Once you are done with your route, go to Golf 2 for extraction, and wait for the chopper behind the trees.

Best Pua Lang Area extraction route

The best Pua Lang extraction route in Gray Zone Warfare starts at Alpha 1 and ends at Alpha 1. The starting zone for the Lamang Recovery Initiative is always crawling with aggressive players, so it’s best to stick to the looting area in the northwest part of Pua Lang.

Loot the buildings near the forest, then circle back through the treeline towards Alpha 1 again. Beware of the cabins near the southwestern side of the paddy fields, as they are the preferred roosts for snipers.

Gray Zone Warfare Landing Zone approaching with Chopper
You and your squad will have more chances of successfully extracting if you stick together.

Best Ban Pa Area extraction route

The Ban Pa Area of Gray Zone Warfare is one of the most dangerous parts of Lamang, and its best extraction route starts at India 1 and ends at India 2. When you land at India 1, you might become victims of snipers or squads of enemies, so follow the chopper retreat route towards the treeline. There, duck for cover and continue through the jungle as there are enemy patrols nearby.

Loot your way through the side roads, never on the main road, since it’s the harshest conflict zone and provides little payback for the effort. Instead, loot the buildings on the northern side for cash and weapons, then carefully plan your way out towards India 2. Call the chopper beforehand, and run towards extraction only when in sight.

Best Sawmill, Blue Lagoon, & YBL-1 extraction route

It is important to note that the Sawmill, Blue Lagoon, and YBL-1 areas have only one extraction route, from point 1 to point 2. Never go the other way around, since most of the loot, tasks, and enemies are concentrated near point 1 of these areas, and players tend to follow that route.

That way you can avoid risky encounters with stray squads, and you can drop fast and extract following the side roads instead of exposing yourselves to the risks in the main path.

And that’s all you need to know about the best extraction routes in Gray Zone Warfare. For more guides and pro tips for this game, you can consult our guide section below:

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