How to turn off crossplay in Modern Warfare 3

Max Candelarezi
MW3 players in Ground War

If you turn off crossplay in MW3 you’ll face off exclusively against players on the same platform. Here’s how to turn off crossplay in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 offers crossplay functionality, allowing you to engage in matches alongside players using different platforms. This feature expands the player pool and streamlines matchmaking by allowing for lobbies with players across all platforms.

However, not all players are enthusiastic about this feature, especially when playing MW3’s Ranked Play mode, considering how common PC cheaters and hackers can ultimately ruin the competitive experience.

Here’s how to turn crossplay off in Modern Warfare 3, if you prefer to avoid the feature.

Turning off crossplay in MW3

The method to turn off crossplay in MW3 is different on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, PC users do not have the luxury of disabling crossplay yet.

Disabling crossplay offers players the ability to enjoy the game with players exclusively on the same platform, leveling both the playing conditions and controller input.

MW3: How to turn off crossplay

Here’s how you can turn off crossplay in MW3 for Ranked Play or any other mode on both PlayStation and Xbox.

Turning off crossplay in MW3 on PlayStation

  1. From the Modern Warfare 3 menu, click the Options button to open the game’s Settings.
  2. Select Account & Network.
  3. When entered, you’ll see the Crossplay option inside the Online section.
  4. Toggle the Crossplay option to ‘Off.’

Turning off crossplay in MW3 on Xbox

  1. Head to the main Xbox console settings.
  2. Go to the Online Safety and Family tab.
  3. Select Privacy and Online Safety.
  4. Open Xbox Privacy and scroll to Communication and Multiplayer.
  5. Set the cross-network play setting to block.

Since its release, MW3 Ranked Play players have reported that their matches have been plagued with cheaters, which is ruining the competitive experience. However, many have found that disabling crossplay on consoles significantly helps achieve the intended experience.

Crossplay menu MW3
When Crossplay is set to ‘Off,’ MW3 matchmaking only uses your current gaming platform.

If you decide to change your mind at any point or if you find that the matchmaking wait time is longer than you prefer, just follow these steps again and switch the options back to their default to open the floodgates yet again.

It’s also important to note that Xbox users may have to restart their console for the settings to work, so it’s worth doing that after completing the steps.

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