How to customize faces in Content Warning

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A player in Content Warning

Landfall Publishing’s new horror game, Content Warning, lets you customize how your characters look while you try to become internet-famous by capturing hilariously horrifying recordings. Here is how you can customize your face in Content Warning. 

One of the most important aspects of Content Warning is your reaction, and as a result, you need to have the perfect face for those perfect content shots

If you’re playing with friends, you may also want to change your face so you can be unique among your party. So, here is how you can change your face in Content Warning. 

How to change your face in Content Warning

To change your face in Content Warning, you need to approach the TV screen in the house and interact with it

  1. Head to the TV screen after you’ve loaded up the game.
  2. Press E to interact with it.
  3. Press Backspace on your Keyboard to clear the default face.
  4. Type anything you want on the screen.
  5. Click ‘Apply.’
the TV screen in Content Warning
You can change your face to anything you’d like.

You can find the TV directly on the right when you spawn in the house. Once you interact with it, you can choose your face color and size, rotate it, and type in or choose the character you would like. 

Make sure you have some fun with it, too, as you can make any face you can think of with emoticons, or even use any letters to spell out your initials or create some classic UwU and OwO reactions. 

If you have a keyboard with reassigning features, you could also experiment with some symbols that aren’t available on a standard QWERTY keyboard. 

If you’re playing with friends, changing your face is essential to ensure you can tell the difference between who is holding the different types of equipment you have. Or, you can all have the same face to create some chaos. 

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