Stellar Blade: Release date, story, gameplay, trailers, more

Stephanie Zucarelli
Paratrooper Eve, of Stellar Blade

Shift Up announced Stellar Blade, a fast-paced RPG that invites players to explore a galaxy where humanity is at the edge of extinction. Here’s everything about Stellar Blade, including its release date, gameplay, story, and more.

Stellar Blade introduces players to a post-apocalyptic universe that has been overrun by mysterious creatures. This action RPG will follow the story of Eve, a Paratrooper who’s sent to regain Earth and defend Xion, one of the last human settlements.

Inspired by titles such as NieR: Automata and Bayonetta, the developer Shift Up is preparing a fast-paced adventure where every decision that players make alters the world around them. Here’s everything you need to know about Stellar Blade before its full release.

Stellar Blade release date and platforms

Stellar Blade will be released on April 26, 2024, and it will be available exclusively on PlayStation 5. Players can pre-order both the Standard edition and Digital Deluxe edition.

Shift Up confirmed that Stellar Blade will be exclusively on PlayStation 5, and there’s currently no news about a future launch on PC or Xbox yet.

Stellar Blade story

Stellar Blade follows the story of Paratrooper Eve, a member of the Seventh Airborn Squad, whose objective is to reclaim Earth from the NA:tive. These mysterious creatures have ravaged humanity to the edge of extinction, and players are invited to put a stop to them before it’s too late.

Soldier from Stellar Blade
Set in the future, humans depend on robotic upgrades to survive against NA:tive.

But not everything is as it seems; soon enough, Eve discovers strange rumors while exploring the ruins of humanity and has to face different enemies to learn what’s the truth behind the battle against NA:tive.

Stellar Blade gameplay

Stellar Blade is an action RPG inspired by NieR: Automata, where players will have to fight off enemies in the style of Devil Macy Cry and Bayonetta. Users will control Eve, who will gain different skills as she levels up. To do so, players will need to defeat different enemies and complete side quests that they’ll find while wandering through Xion, a post-apocalyptic human settlement.

With a photorealistic design, Shift Up’s RPG promises to guide players through a story where their choices will affect the final outcome, and with a great emphasis on timed fight combos.

Stellar Blade trailers

Stellar Blade’s first trailer was released during the PlayStation Showcase 2021, where Shift Up showed a battle between Paratrooper Eve and a giant cosmic alien.

On September 13, 2020, players got to see Stellar Blade’s backstory and fast-paced combat style thanks to a trailer revealed during a State of Play showcase.

On January 31, 2024, Shift Up released a trailer explaining who are the main characters of Stellar Blade, and goes into a deep dive explaining what’s happening in Xion, a post-apocalyptic human settlement.

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