How to fix Content Warning failed to extract bug

Aryan Singh
Player characters in Content Warning

If you’re facing the failed to extract bug after turning in your camera in Content Warning, here’s how you can fix it.

Content Warning has players jumping into suits and descending into the spooky Old World all in the hopes of filming something scary. But, some players are struggling to turn in their eerie footage due to the ‘failed to extract’ error.

The error occurs after you drop your camera into the console, and instead of receiving a disc of your escapades, you’re met with the error screen. With this in mind, here’s how to fix the failed to extract bug in Content Warning.

Context Warning: Failed to extract bug fix

To fix the failed to extract bug in Content Warning, simply hit F3 to debug-extract the video. This should let you bypass the error screen and get the disc. The fix was provided by the devs through their official X account.

It’s worth noting that Landfall Games confirmed that they’re working on fixing the bug, so it should be resolved for all players soon. For now, you can use the fix to make sure that your footage doesn’t go to waste.

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