What are Apples in Content Warning?

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The April 10 update for Content Warning has introduced Apples that players can pick up, but what’s their function? Here’s everything you need to know.

Content Warning is all about creating hilariously spooky content with your friends, and the devs are continuing to support the game with updates such as the April 10 patch. As well as fixing audio issues, the update also brought Apples to the game.

The introduction of Apples in Content seems pretty out of the blue, and it’s left players wondering what they actually do. So, with that said, here’s everything you need to know about Apples in Content Warning, including everything you can do with them.

Apples in Content Warning explained

Apples are a new item in Content Warning that you can find and pick up from the ground near the tree just outside the base.

They don’t have any major uses apart from being able to throw them around and at your friends. If you try to take them into the Dive Bell, they disappear.

What to do with Apples in Content Warning?

As well as picking Apples up and throwing them at friends, it seems you can currently do the following with Apples in Content Warning:

  • Pick them up and hold onto them
  • Throw them
  • Hold right click to bring them to your character’s mouth to make it look like you’re eating them

It seems these are currently just a fun addition to the game that gives players something to do while roaming around the base and creating introductions for your videos.

Perhaps a further use for Apples will arrive in the future, as the devs did mention that they have updates planned that they will share more details about soon.

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