How to beat Squid Kid in Stardew Valley: Location, loot, more

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Squid Kid in Stardew Valley

Squid Kid in Stardew Valley can be quite an elusive enemy, especially because they tend to spawn less often than other mobs. Here is where you can find them, defeat them, and what you can do with the loot they drop. 

Stardew Valley has a pretty large collection of mobs that you will need to face when you head into the mines. Squid Kid is one of them, and they can be a bit of a mission to find

They also drop really good loot, so they’re a mob that you should be keen to find when you are able to. Here is where they’re located, how you can beat them, and what kind of loot they drop.

Where to find Squid Kid in Stardew Valley

Squid Kind can be found in Stardew Valley mines from level 81-119

Stardew Valley mine levels
Squid Kid can be found between level 81-119.

The mines in Stardew Valley are a dangerous place, but they are amazing for collecting rare items that you need for crafting and recipes. They start at level 1, and as you go deeper, the enemies get more difficult, but the loot gets better. 

Squid Kid is only unlocked as a possible enemy in the mines once you reach level 81, and you can recognize it by its round shape and pink coloring.

If you are specifically looking for Squid Kid, make sure you go on a day with good or great luck. You can check luck by watching the Fortune Forecaster on your TV every morning. 

Better luck means you are more likely to find staircases quickly while you’re mining, which will also make it more likely for you to find Squid Kid. 

How to defeat Squid Kid in Stardew Valley

Squid Kid can be defeated in Stardew Valley with one shot of any weapon

The mines in Stardew Valley
The lower-level mines spawn a lot of dangerous enemies.

Thankfully, Squid Kid isn’t difficult to take down. With only one HP, you just need to make sure you dodge their fireballs and hit them once. 

Their real strength lies in their attacks, as each fireball can do up to 18 damage. They’re fairly easy to dodge, though, so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

The real challenge of the lower mine levels is how many enemies tend to surround you. So, you need to make sure you’re properly prepared to traverse through the mines before you dig deeper.

Here are a few tips to get you through the mines safely and fight Squid Kid: 

  • Bring plenty of food items 
  • Wear rings that enhance your attacks and defense
  • Don’t stand still when attacking
  • Upgrade your pickaxe

Stardew Valley Squid Kid loot drops 

Stardew Valley Squid Kid can drop Solar Essence, Squid Ink, Bomb, Mega Bomb, Gold Bar, Dwarf Scroll III, Dwarf Scoll IV, Prismatic Shards, and Diamonds.  

Bombs are extremely useful for clearing out rocks to mine quicker and do quite a bit of damage, so they’re a great item to have drop while you are mining. 

Gold Bars and Solar Essence are essential for crafting powerful items, and Dwarf Scrolls are needed to complete the Museum. Prismatic Shards are some of the rarest gems in the game, and both them and Diamonds will fetch you a pretty penny. 

Squid Ink is used in a couple of recipes that give you powerful buffs: 

NameImageIngredientsEnergy/HealthBuffsBuff Duration
Seafoam PuddingSeafoam Pudding.pngFlounder.png Flounder (1)
Midnight Carp.png Midnight Carp (1)
Squid Ink.png Squid Ink (1)
Energy.png 175
Health.png 78
Fishing.png Fishing (+4)3m 30s
Squid Ink RavioliSquid Ink Ravioli.pngSquid Ink.png Squid Ink (1)
Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)
Tomato.png Tomato (1)
Energy.png 125
Health.png 56
Immune to debuffs
Mining.png Mining (+1)
4m 39s (Mining)
2m 59s (Squid Ink
Ravioli Buff)

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