How to use enchanted books in Minecraft

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Enchanted books and table in Minecraft

Enchanted books allow Minecraft players to add enchantments to their strongest tools and armor. If you’re yet to try out this feature, here’s how to use enchanted books in Minecraft.

Enchantments are one of those Minecraft features that have survived the test of time and even after ten years of release, players can’t get enough of them. They are such an important part of the gameplay that you cannot expect to defeat the likes of Wither and Ender Dragon without them.

From Mending and Aqua Affinity to Smite and Looting, enchantments have several types, and you can add them to tools and armor with enchanted books. This naturally helps in exploring different biomes and taking on the toughest bosses.

On that note, this Minecraft guide will teach you how to use enchanted books.

How to get an enchanted book in Minecraft

Make an enchantment table

You need to craft an enchantment table to enchant books in Minecraft. To make one, fill the bottommost row of a 3×3 crafting table with Obsidian Blocks and fill the middle row with two Diamonds on the edges and an Obsidian Block in the middle. Add a book to the middle slot of the top row and the crafting recipe should look like this:

Crafting recipe to make an enchantment table in MinecraftYou can get Obisidian by putting lava over water in Minecraft.

For more clarity on these topics, you can check out our guides on how to enchant tools and armor in Minecraft and how to make a book.

How to use an enchantment table

Once you have an enchantment table, hunt for some Lapis Lazulli. The mineral generally spawns in caves, treasure chests on Shipwrecks, temple chests in Villages, and the Mineshaft chest. With enchantments like Fortune III, you can get up to 36 pieces from a single block.

After getting an enchantment table and Lapis Lazuli, you can follow these steps to get an enchanted book in the game:

  1. Place your enchantment table on the ground and interact with it to open the unique GUI.
  2. Put a book in the left slot and a piece of Lapis Lazuli on the right.
  3. Three random enchantments will appear. You can either select one to add to your book or swap the book with another item and put it back to get a new set of enchantments.
  4. Select an enchantment to add to your book. It will then have a new texture and color scheme.
  5. Drag the enchanted book to your inventory from the enchantment table.
Enchantment table in MinecraftLapis Lazuli is a primary component for enchanting Minecraft books.

Now that you have an enchanted book in Minecraft, here’s how to use it.

How to use an enchanted book in Minecraft

How to make an anvil

You’ll need an anvil to use your enchanted books in Minecraft and here’s how to make one:

  1. Find Iron Ore in caves and Y levels 230-255. Mine it with a stone pickaxe or a better tool.
  2. Smelt Iron Ore in a furnace to get iron ingots.
  3. Nine pieces of iron ingots make one Iron Block. Your goal is to obtain three Iron Blocks to get an anvil.
  4. Collect four pieces of separate iron ingots as well.
  5. Fill the top row of a 3×3 crafting table with Iron Blocks and the bottommost row with three iron ingots.
  6. Put the final iron ingot in the central slot of the grid to obtain an anvil.

The crafting recipe has also been showcased in this image:

Crafting recipe to make an anvil in MinecraftAn anvil also lets you rename items in Minecraft.

For more on this topic, you can check out our detailed guide on how to make an anvil in Minecraft.

How to use an anvil with enchanted books in Minecraft

Follow these steps to use an enchanted book and an anvil in Minecraft:

  1. Place your anvil on the ground and interact with it to open the GUI.
  2. Put the tool/weapon/armor piece you want to enchant in the left box.
  3. Put the enchanted book in the right box.
  4. An enchanted weapon/tool/armor piece will appear on the box beside the arrow. Make sure to hover your cursor over the item and check if the enchantment is correct.
  5. You can also place two enchanted books in both slots of an anvil to make an enchanted book with both enchantments.

Before finalizing the enchantment process, you can check the Enchantment Cost which is in XP. In case you don’t have enough XP, this guide on the best Minecraft XP farms should come in handy.

Well, this was everything to know about using enchanted books in Minecraft. For similar content, make sure to check out our crafting guides for a compostera booka mapBlast Furnacespyglassfireworkscakeboat, and TNT.

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