Stardew Valley: How to get Fire Quartz

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Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley

Fire Quartz isn’t the most common type of Mineral you can find in Stardew Valley, and if you’re dedicated to building your own Slime farm, you’ll definitely need one. Here’s everything on where you can find them in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley will ask you to dig out all sorts of Gems, Crystals, and Minerals for you to craft different items. The Community Center bundles will also require these resources, which means that you’ll spend long hours fighting off creatures while you try to mine them inside the caverns.

Fire Quartz is a Mineral that’s quite tricky to get if you’re set on finding it in the wild. However, there are some places around Pelican Town and Calico Desert where you can easily find them if you can effectively fight off cavern creatures.

Here’s everything you need to know on how to get Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: Best way to get Fire Quartz

In Stardew Valley, the best way to get a Fire Quartz is by mining in any level of the Skull Cavern after Level 80. But if you haven’t unlocked the Bus to go to Calico Desert, you can also try your luck by opening a Magma Geode or an Omni Geode.

Skull Cavern in Stardew Valley
Getting to the bottom of the Skull Cavern is one of the most challenging tasks of the game.

You can also look for Fire Quartz inside Fishing Treasure Chests or by panning, and if you’re lucky enough, you may find it in a Garbage Can after reaching the bottom of the Skull Cavern.

How to use Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley

You’ll need to use a Fire Quartz in the Geologist’s Bundle in the Boiler Room of the Community Center, and you’ll also need one to craft a Slime Egg-Press (25x Coal, 1x Battery Pack, 1x Fire Quartz).

You can also use a Fire Quartz in the Furnace to get a Refined Quartz, and in case you want to duplicate your Mineral, you can put it in the Crystalarium to do so.

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