How to get Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley

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Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley.

While mining in Stardew Valley, you are bound to come across Earth Crystal. This comparatively rarer mineral has some important uses in the game, so here’s the best way you can get it in Stardew Valley.

While mining for resources in Stardew Valley fetches you easy money, it also unlocks new recipes and purchasable items. These can prove to be useful later in the game as can not only help you progress but also improve your quality of life on the farm.

As you go a little deeper into The Mines, you will come across a rare mineral known as Earth Crystal. Here’s everything you need to know about it in Stardew Valley.

Best way to get Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, you can get Earth Crystal in levels 1-39 of The Mines and also by foraging Geodes and Omni Geodes that you mine.

Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley.
There are 120 levels in The Mines.

Here are some other ways you can get Earth Crystals:

  • Killing Duggies in The Mines (10%)
  • From panning the water (4.9%)
  • From Fishing Treasure Chest (4%)
  • Killing Haunted Skulls (1.3%)
  • Killing Wilderness Golems (0.05%)

What is Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley?

Earth Crystal is one of the minerals found in The Mines and is mainly used to purchase an Earth Obelisk. This device can transport you from your farm to the mountains in an instant, saving you the time it takes to get to The Mines.

Other than this, Earth Crystal is used to make a Mayonnaise Machine and can be gifted to pretty much every villager. This does not apply to Linus and Pierre as they dislike the same. You can sell Earth Crystals for 50 Gold each or 65 if you choose Geologist as a profession.

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