How to find Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Aakrit Sharma
Villager and creeper standing together in Minecraft Legends

Lapis in Minecraft Legends is a valuable resource that helps in spawning mobs such as golems. To strengthen your army, check out this guide on how to find Lapis in Minecraft Legends.

The Overworld in Minecraft Legends is full of resources like wood, stone, Prismarine, Diamonds, and Lapis. As the protagonist of any RPG, you have to collect a ton of these items and use them to clear exploration and combat challenges.

When you start your adventure in Minecraft Legends, there’s a limit on the number of mobs you can control. There are many ways to increase this and after some progress, you’ll require a steady supply of resources to maintain your army of different mobs.

Lapis helps in summoning golems in Minecraft Legends, and here’s how you can find it in the Overworld.

Where to find Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends resource book explaining LapisCollecting resources is a primary task in Minecraft Legends.

There are three ways to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends – opening village chests, opening open-world chests, and defeating piglins.

Village chests

Village chests in Minecraft Legends are guaranteed to drop 50 Lapis when you open them. There are multiple villages on the map with one chest and these chests fill over time with random resources from the Overworld.

You can farm Lapis by visiting multiple villages and by the time you come back to the first village, its chest might refresh and hand out rewards to you yet again.

There’s an improvement called Shared Village Chests that you can use to collect resources from all village chests on the map at once. Naturally, this will also come in handy while farming Lapis.

A village in Minecraft LegendsVillages are a great source of resources in Minecraft Legends.


Defeating piglins in Minecraft Legends hands out Lapis and you can farm the resource by going on a piglin hunt. While the output is lesser than chests, this is still a very reliable method to get Lapis.

Open world chests

The Overworld in Minecraft Legends has several chests that can contain Lapis. Although this isn’t guaranteed, players who like map exploration can gradually increase their Lapis supply through the method.

There’s a limit on the amount of Lapis you can carry and to increase it, you’ll have to build improvement towers. This cap is functional when you defeat piglins and open village chests, but opening chests from the open world lets you go over the resource cap because these chests can only be opened once and the rewards are random.

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