EA Sports F1 24 review: Best-in-class realism claims podium finish

Max Candelarezi
F1 24 cover key art

F1 24 finds success by introducing new features, but it doesn’t neglect to update its core gameplay from the previous year. After its well-received predecessor, F1 24 decides to boost realism, even for players without a racing wheel.

Following EA’s acquisition of Codemasters, the F1 franchise has focused on appealing to casual and hardcore fans alike. F1 24 is another step in the right direction, primarily due to the introduction of new gameplay features.

F1 24 succeeds in building on the well-received F1 23, bringing plenty of highly requested updates, such as updated tracks, and an overhauled Career Mode, making the game an even more immersive and realistic experience than before.

EA Sports F1 24 key details

  • Price: $69.99 / £59.99
  • Developer: Codemasters
  • Release Date: May 31, 2024
  • Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Precision racing at its finest

F1 24 sets itself apart with its precision racing, which gets carried over from the previous installment. While getting used to the game requires some practice – especially in terms of handling, using optimized controller settings makes this process a lot smoother.

The inclusion of the EA Sports Dynamic Handling feature enhances realism and immersion, particularly through the car’s suspension while driving. When disabling most of the setting assists in F1 24, the car has a ton of grip, allowing it to fly through both slow and fast corners. Surprisingly, this makes F1 24 an engaging experience with a controller.

F1 24 Dynamic Handling in-game
EA Sports Dynamic Handling features insight from three-time F1 world champion Max Verstappen.

As a result, this makes the game feel more arcade-like, with steering wheel movements that would typically result in loss of control being way more forgiving. Aggressive driving is significantly rewarded, but at the same time, it’s balanced by the updated F1 24 tyre model.

Adjusting the tyres altered the gameplay approach, with my quite aggressive driving style now having a greater impact on the tyre wear, leading to a quicker degradation and hurting my lap time compared to my opponents.

However, the gameplay drastically changes in rainy conditions. The car becomes significantly more tough to control, feeling extremely sluggish when attempting to turn at low speeds. Surprisingly, the Intermediate tyres performed better than the Wet tyres even in heavy rain.

Still, in normal weather conditions, the new features result in immersive gameplay, especially when using a controller. F1 24 allows players to feel the track layout including curbs and chicanes, through the enhanced suspension and the fairly challenging new handling system.

The F1 driver experience

One of the most important elements of F1 games is the ability to immerse players in the complex but adrenaline-filled experience of a driver. F1 24 achieves this while keeping you more hooked than ever before.

While having real audio from the official F1 grid or playable Icons is a great addition, nothing beats making your own path from F2 to the top division in Career Mode. This time, the experience is less straightforward than before, making the reward that much more sweet.

Thanks to the new driver recognition and rating system, you can now improve your statistics, starting from the bottom to become the most experienced driver on the grid. To do this, F1 24 offers a ton of tasks both on and off the track to complete.

Career Mode’s Specialist allows you to get hooked by constantly offering fresh objectives to improve your driver in-game. Then, Rivalries become more intricate as you progress, and emerging victorious delivers an even greater sense of triumph.

Red Bull Checo Perez and Max Verstappen teammate rivalry
Rivalries are a key competition aspect in F1 24 offering different types which freshen up the objectives.

F1 24 has greatly enhanced the experience by ensuring there’s always something engaging to do, eliminating any sense of emptiness. Most notably, the mid-race challenges are key to forcing you to get out of your comfort zone to shake up your race a little.

Improving the minor details

To create a realistic and immersive F1 experience, attention to detail is essential. This is especially true for elements that have been highly requested by the community like track updates and AI difficulty improvements.

The overhaul of Spa Francorchamps and Silverstone, along with the Lusail and Jeddah updates, make the game visually stunning. After years of waiting, Codemasters achieved a level of realism that finally aligns with the awe-inspiring speed of the sport.

Spa and Lusail circuits comparison F1 23 vs F1 24
F1 24 introduced an overhauled version of fan-favorite tracks to fit their real-life versions.

Equally important is the AI difficulty. Unlike previous versions, F1 24’s AI competes fiercely to claim the top spot, providing a challenging race experience. 

While some defensive maneuvers could still be refined, the improvement, particularly during wheel-to-wheel battles and navigating through more demanding corners, made the races thrilling and engaging.

Verdict – 4/5

While maintaining the essence of the F1 games, F1 24 successfully enhances key areas that were overlooked in previous versions. Although players might need practice to adjust to the new handling model, once you master the excessive front grip and challenging low-speed turns, the experience becomes incredibly enjoyable.

Pending a post-launch update already confirmed by the devs, the game maintains the success achieved by its predecessor. It aims to enhance the immersive experience and the intricate attention to detail needed to drive a Formula 1 car. All of this results in the player feeling more like an actual F1 driver than any other racing game has been capable of to date.