Fortnite players call for changes to “stupid” grind rail mechanic getting them killed

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite characters grinding rails

Fortnite features some unique movement mechanics like the grind rail, that can help players move around the map better. However, players feel that the mechanic itself is counter-intuitive and comes with a lot of limiting factors.

Ever since Epic Games introduced the No Build mode in Fortnite, they’ve been experimenting with multiple movement mechanics like mantling and grind rails.

Considering that players couldn’t build structures in the said mode, these movement mechanics made it easier for players to travel around the map, especially during gunfights.

However, as mentioned by ‘Haunting-future-2211,’ the grind rail mechanic has turned into a hated mechanic within the Fortnite community.

Redditor ‘LPreviews’ elaborated on the issue and said, I find I just can’t jump off these at all and have to ride until the end. Last season you could jump on and off at any point.” OP responded to this comment and said, “I hate the way you take fall damage it’s so annoying.”

More players called out the grind rail mechanic in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 with one user replying, “You could literally hit the top grind rails at Mega City last chapter, hop off them whenever you want, and not take fall damage. Now, you get locked onto them and even hopping like 6 feet to the ground gives you fall damage. So stupid.”

Others feel that Epic Games should “stop trying to make Fortnite feel like Call of Duty” and that the developers need to take the game back to the “craziness” of Chapter 4.

Multiple Fortnite players pointed out numerous issues with the grind rails mechanic this season and hope that Epic Games will do something about it soon. It will be interesting to see how the developers respond to this feedback in the coming updates.

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