Fortnite’s new focus on mobilty is a refreshing change of pace

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite Nitro Fists

Epic Games changed the pace in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 with a balanced approach to the mobility items, and the strategy seems to be working.

The Ride the Lightning Mythic and the Tow Hook Cannon are two new items that you will come across in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 following the 30.10 update.

Just like the Nitro Fists, these two items can deal damage to the enemy, but they’re primarily being used to reposition around the map.

For a game like Fortnite, knowing when to reposition is key, especially when it comes to approaching a gunfight, so having something that will help you do exactly that can allow players to come up with unique strategies while approaching an enemy, is a refreshing change to begin with.

If you know how to reposition yourself efficiently, then you’ll be able to get out of a gunfight, heal up and re-engage the enemy within a short span of time. Since these items deal damage as well, you can use them to surprise the enemy too.

Fortnite aerial guitar slam
You can instantly reposition using the Ride the Lightning Mythic in Fortnite.

For example, the Tow Hook Cannon deals 100 Damage to enemy players in Fortnite, so, if you’re already attached to a vehicle, you can disengage and shoot an enemy with this cannon to damage them, and then use the Nitro Fists to close the game and eliminate them quickly.

You can also mix it up with the Underworld Charges and quickly flank the enemy after landing a punch or two with the Nitro Fists. These are some of the many strategies that you can employ while dealing with enemies on the Fortnite island, and it highlights how important mobility is, especially in Chapter 5 Season 3.

Compared to Chapter 5 Season 2, where the Airbending Mythic turned into a nuisance in the endgame stages because of no cooldowns, the mobility items in Chapter 5 Season 3 feel better because they’re evenly balanced and have proper cooldowns.

It’s not that Fortnite has had a dearth of mobility items because it would be wrong to ignore the portable launchpad and how powerful it was as a trap. Not only could you use it to reposition yourself, but you could also use it to toss the enemy in the air, forcing them to recover lost ground.

This item, unfortunately, was vaulted in Chapter 5 Season 1, and it took Epic Games three seasons to develop a balanced approach towards the mobility items in Fortnite.

Having these mobility options is more welcome because it allows players to choose the way they’d like to approach a match. They could either go for a swift playstyle with multiple mobility items in their inventory or choose a different loadout completely that focuses purely on dealing damage.

At this point in time, mobility items are slowly turning into the meta for the season, so here are some of the best guns that you should be using with them. The Ride the Lightning Mythic is also associated with one of the Metallica quests, so here’s how you can complete them.