Fortnite players explain why Chapter 5 has “worst solo meta” ever

Stephanie Zucarelli
Fortnite player aiming Sniper Rifle

Fortnite fans claim that even Mythic powers can’t save this season’s meta unless Epic Games finally vault a much-hated weapon.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 has players getting used to the new Mythic powers, POIs, and Weapon Bunkers. While the “Myths and Mortals” season has been acclaimed thanks to its challenges, players claim that there’s a huge problem with the meta that hasn’t been solved in the latest update.

In a Reddit post called “Chapter 5 has had the worst solo meta that I can recall (no build),” user “GalacticElectron” explained that it has become nearly impossible to survive the battle royale if you can’t get a Sniper.

” I just played a solo where I had 7 kills and not a single enemy that I killed had a sniper, nor could I find one. By the time of the top 10 there was basically nothing I could do given I couldn’t find bunkers and the cover was limited. Everywhere I looked there was a player in a bunker with a scope glint,” described the user.

The Fortnite player then said that every combat in solos has become a “long-range snipe battle” that only a few manage to participate in at the end of the match. Fortnite fans agreed that despite the Chapter 5 Season 2 update, this problem has become more frequent and that not even the “Wings of Icarus” has helped to evade snipers.

“I really do hate the sniper meta. It’s especially bad when the new mythics tend to make you a giant stationary target to use. But it isn’t just a sniper issue, I’ve been killed by SMGs are really long distance when using the Icarus Wings for no reason,” pointed out a player.

Fortnite players think that the “Sniper meta” was boosted because countering snipers has become impossible with the current weapon meta, and also highlighted that having the Frenzy Auto Shotgun available almost renders other options useless.

And that’s why Fortnite players think Chapter 5 has the worst meta in the history of the game. If you want to know more about Epic Games’ battle royale, check out the fan-favorite character players are glad to see again, and all Mythic weapons in the game.