Fortnite players call for OG mechanic to return as perfect Sniper counter

Joseph Pascoulis
fortnite character holding gun

Snipers have been very powerful so far in Fortnite Chapter 5, but players have suggested the devs introduce an OG mechanic that could see them finally be countered ahead of Season 2.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is coming to an end and it’s been a successful season for Epic despite the massive amount of changes and content the new chapter introduced to the game.

The battle royale has evolved massively, and while some enjoy the new mechanics and weapon realism introduced in Chapter 5, others would like to see the less real and more “silly” Fortnite return in Season 2.

One of the biggest realism changes to weapons in Chapter 5 was the removal of hitscan for weapons in the game. Previously, only Sniper Rifles had bullet drop, while Assault Rifles and others were completely hitscan across the BR map.

In fact, according to players, Snipers have been overpowered so far in Chapter 5, and it seems some in the community believe the removal of hitscan for certain weapons could be the reason why, as this was previously the “only counter snipers had.”

Under a Reddit post highlighting the Snipers in Fortnite Chapter 5, one user explained that “In the past you could hitscan a sniper from across the map,” which would throw off their shot or at least give you time to push up and get behind cover. However, now, “you have to put in as much effort to use an AR as you do a sniper, so you’re better off just using the sniper and there’s no counter against them.”

byu/MetaMason666 from discussion

They suggested adding hitscan back into Fortnite for weapons like Assault Rifles, as it could be the only counter to Snipers that “hit like a Bolt with 5 shots in the mag.”

The user feels the removal of hitscan turned the game into “Warzone,” or even “PUBG,” where realism for weaponry has been prioritized, which is different from the previous chapters of Fortnite.

Others also agreed, as one comment read, “Ty! As a long time FN player this is exactly the issue. I hate being 1 shotted but I accepted it because I could battle against a sniper with a hitscan AR even with that 1 shot possibility but now I realistically can’t because now it has dumb bullet drop in a game where it didn’t for the longest time.”

With Season 2 of Fortnite set to open Pandora’s Box, we’ll have to wait and see what changes Epic Games deem worthy for the update, and if a counter for Snipers is included.

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