Fortnite players roast bizarre bug making every skin constantly smile

Amitesh Dhar
Jones in Fortnite.Epic Games

Most skins in Fortnite have a default expression based when not emoting. However, after the new update, players discovered that these characters were smiling.

Fortnite is known for its goofy animations and funky-looking skins. Every skin in the Fortnite has an expression based entirely on their personality.

Unless you are emoting, these expressions can be seen in the lobby while loading into the game. However, following the Fortnite 28.20 update, players discovered that almost every character in the game was smiling.

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As player ‘VicVegas85’ pointed out on Reddit, Teef, a skin with really big teeth had a smile after the Fortnite 28.20 update. According to them, the change made the skin look bad because players couldn’t see Teef’s teeth anymore.

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While most players believed it to be a bug, it didn’t stop them from joking about it. One Redditor commented, “I appreciate the effort they put into this game but like… they put a little TOO much effort in, you know? I can practically SEE the board of people they have in a room while they sweat and come up with issues that don’t exist because they feel like they need to fix something. Fortnite has anxiety.”

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Another player said, “I wonder what made Teef smile,” to which ‘MangoWarlock’ replied, “Dental work.” This same bug has affected a plethora of other skins including Solid Snake, Marigold, and Contract Giller, as seen in another Reddit post.

Other players said that Epic was trying to make all Fortnite skins Disney-friendly. This comment comes in light of the recent collaboration between Disney and Epic Games where the former invested $1.5 billion in the company and acquired an equity stake.

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If this is a bug that’s making the Fortnite skins smile, then Epic Games will surely fix it soon. For more information about the game, be sure to check out the best settings for Fortnite on PC, and how to get the McLaren 765LT in the game.

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