Fortnite players report Battle Pass bug blocking Weekly Quests rewards

Stephanie Zucarelli
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 cover

Fortnite players are slamming Epic Games after finding a progression glitch that has locked their Battle Pass grind.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is in full swing, which means that players are busy trying to complete its Weekly Quests to rank up their Battle Pass. However, users have reported a glitch that blocks their progression and keeps the rewards locked away.

In a Reddit post named “New Quest rewards???,” fans shared screenshots about this issue, and many claimed that this problem also affects platform users. “I think this is happening to pretty much everyone,” read a comment.

Fortnite fans expect this bug to be fixed in the next update, and many others claim to have reached Epic Games to file a report.

“I just reported it to EPIC support, and they said they have no idea of this bug. I told them a simple Google search would tell them everything they needed to know. It’s like they’re not even trying. They’re so blase about any problems,” commented a player.

Users also accused Epic Games of ignoring the current season, since a similar progression bug affected Battle Stars rewards for those who were saving up to get Hades super style. Instead of not saving the quest’s progress, this glitch showed that no matter how many Stars players had, they were always five short of getting it.

While Fortnite fans wait for this problem to be solved, they are still pointing out that the current “Sniper meta” hasn’t changed despite Season 2 update, and are wondering if Epic Games is really working towards removing Zero Build.