Fortnite bug lets players pretend to play instruments for easy kills

Ezequiel Leis
Fortnite Festival player with Aura

Fortnite players discovered a new bug after being defeated by players playing different Festival Instruments in the battle royale.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 added a lot of new content to the battle royale to keep the experience fresh. From Mod Benches to Society Medallions and a moving train, players had a lot to discover in Fortnite’s latest season. What’s more, Epic Games also expanded the Fortnite universe with new game modes like LEGO Fortnite and Fortnite Festival, which are connected to the battle royale in some ways.

However, it seems like those experiences are starting to merge in unexpected ways. Battle Royale players who unlocked Jam Tracks in Fortnite Festival can use those songs to emote. Many have shifted from laughing emotes to playing different Instruments to celebrate kills or Victory Royales. However, a recent bug is making everything weirder for players.

Reddit user ‘SEVENV4MP’ asked the community “why was this guy a drum set,” by sharing a video where they eliminated a player sitting on a drumset. The enemy player can be seen moving and even shooting OP, which led many to discover the most recent Fortnite bug.

The top comment explains “it does that if someone used jam tracks in the pre-game lobby for some reason,” to which other players responded, “I got smoked by a mic stand yesterday” and “I got launched off a cliff by the weeknd bass with a ballistic shield.”

Surprisingly, the eliminated player also commented on the post: “On my screen I looked normal.” This seems to be the case for other Fortnite players experiencing this glitch, as Reddit user ‘clynn19’ also made a post about it. “Didn’t [know] you can sing while you’re knocked,” they stated, sharing a video where a player affected by the same bug remains singing after being knocked out.

What’s more, moments later, OP is eliminated by a player playing guitar and shooting at the same time. A user explained “it’s a glitch that started with the recent update,” and others confirmed that those affected by it can see the game playing normally on their side.

Many players find this new glitch amusing, stating “Add this one to the list of bugs I hope they don’t patch” and “It’s pretty funny way” so they “don’t mind dying that way.” However, many think it can be very frustrating.

“I hunted someone that was on the drums and I couldn’t hit him no matter where I shot,” explained Reddit user ‘MeMyselfMyhand.’ According to players, a character playing drums is “hard to hit” since the hitbox isn’t very clear, especially in the middle of a firefight. A player argued “it also blocks bullets,” but the affected player answered: “This was me and I can confirm it didn’t block bullets.” Since it’s a very recent bug, it’s hard to tell.

Others also admitted that seeing opponents playing Instruments made them lower their guard: “I got killed by someone playing the drums and went 2nd place, because I thought ‘well, what’s he going to do?’ and then he sniped me.”

Fortnite Festival started its second season featuring Lady Gaga, so now players can eliminate opponents while playing Chromatica-themed Instruments. With Season 1 almost over, it’s hard to tell if Epic Games will solve this issue before the next season, but we’ll keep you updated.

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