What is EA Sports FC? FIFA 24 alternative explained

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With the partnership between EA Sports and FIFA coming to an end, many football fans may be wondering what EA Sports FC is. Here’s an overview of the upcoming EA Sports FC football title.

EA Sports and FIFA have worked together since 1993 to produce their authentic football video game franchise. Their efforts have turned the FIFA video game franchise into the most popular and successful sports simulation title in the entire world.

Despite a long-lasting thirty-year partnership, all good things must come to an end, and EA Sports FC will signify a new chapter for both EA Sports and FIFA.

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Here’s what you need to know about EA Sports FC and the future of the football sim.

EA Sports FC explained

The popular FIFA video game franchise has endured for many years in large part due to the partnership between game developers EA Sports and the FIFA federation. However, the next chapter of the EA Sports football title will put an end to the partnership between the two entities.

When EA Sports’ next football game arrives in 2023, it will boast the new EA Sports FC name, doing away with their FIFA association. This makes FIFA 23 the last game to release under the joint EA Sports and FIFA banner.

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Naturally, fans of the FIFA video game franchise are wondering what this means for both EA Sports and FIFA.

When it comes to EA Sports, football fans need not worry as EA Sports FC will still retain the licenses that provide the game with the most authentic stadiums, teams, and leagues from around the world.

Essentially EA Sports FC will pick up where FIFA 23 left off, offering the same classic gameplay and modes that is synonymous with the franchise. While EA Sports FC is sure to feel like the FIFA games that players have come to know and love, it’s also safe to expect some new features as EA enter the next era for their football franchise.

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As for FIFA, it’s already been reported that their next step is to develop their very own football video game to compete with EA Sports FC. Polygon reported that “FIFA’s plan is to have a FIFA-branded simulation soccer game back on the market in 2024.”

We’ll keep you posted on all of the latest developments with both EA Sports FC and FIFA as both organizations look to take their first steps following the end of their partnership.

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