New EA Sports FC Icons leaked: Totti, Mia Hamm, Zico, more

EA Sports FC Icons

EA Sports FC is expected to introduce new Icons to the football sim along with the new branding. Leaks have also suggested that women’s Icons will arrive, so here are all of the new Icons revealed so far.

EA Sports FC is set to usher in a new era for the football sim franchise following the end of a long-standing partnership between FIFA and EA Sports. While gameplay innovations are expected, EA declared that they wish to continue delivering the modes and experiences that made the game a massive success over the years, including Icons.

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The popular Ultimate Team mode could see some tweaks heading its way with the release of EA Sports FC. With plenty of unanswered questions, fans of the franchise are wondering about the game’s top players.

Here’s what you need to know about Ultimate Team Icons in EA Sports FC.

What are Icons in EA Sports FC Ultimate Team?

EA confirmed that EA Sports FC will deliver the fan-favorite modes that players have come to appreciate over the years, including Ultimate Team. This means that it’s safe to expect Icons to make their way to EA Sports FC.

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While EA may decide to make changes to the chemistry system or squad building of EA Sports FC’s Ultimate Team, Icons are expected to remain incredibly powerful and sought-after cards.

In FIFA 23, Icons automatically boast full chemistry, and they also count as two players from their nation when it comes to chemistry points. Icons are difficult to get a hold of since they’re both rare and expensive, but they can completely transform your Ultimate Team squad.

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It is rumored that women’s Icons will debut in EA Sports FC, following the leak that for the first time ever, Ultimate Team players will be able to craft their squads using players from the women’s game, as well as the men’s.

Once more information comes to light, we’ll let you know about all of the different Icon versions to expect, as well as how they factor into your squad building in EA Sports FC.

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EA Sports FC new Icons leaked

Thanks to EA Sports FC leaks from FIFAUTeam and FUT Zone concerning new Icons, we can get an idea of the players that might make their way to the game.

Here are the new Icons that have been leaked for EA Sports FC so far:

  • Zico – Brazil
  • Mia Hamm – USA
  • Sir Bobby Charlton – England
  • Homare Sawa – Japan
  • Michel Platini – France
  • Francesco Totti – Italy
  • Arjen Robben – Netherlands
  • Sergio Aguero – Argentina

Both Homare Sawa and Mia Hamm are pioneers of the women’s game, and if EA Sports FC introduces women’s Icons, it makes sense to include the pair.

Meanwhile, Zico was rumored to arrive in FIFA 23, but the Brazilian never made an appearance due to contractual issues. It seems that those issues may have been resolved as Zico gets set to feature in EA Sports FC, according to leaks.

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It’s important to take this information with a grain of salt since leakers are sharing a provisional list of players. EA have yet to reveal the final list of players that will make the cut, and only a few new Icons are expected.

We will keep this page updated with all of the latest EA Sports FC Icon leaks, so be sure to check in soon.

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Image Credit: EA Sports