All new EA FC 24 Clubs features: Crossplay, League Seasons, more

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All new EA Sports FC Pro Clubs featuresEA Sports

The EA Sports FC 24 development team revealed new updates about the popular Pro Clubs game mode, now simply titled ‘Clubs.’ Here is everything you need to know about EA FC 24 Clubs, from crossplay to the new format of the League Seasons.

Pro Clubs is expected to be one of the most popular game modes to play with friends in EA Sports FC 24, as it combines the gameplay experience of Career Mode with online play among friends. The goal for everyone is to take their own team to the top division, but only a few are able to achieve it.

EA Sports have presented a multitude of new features for EA FC 24, and the Pro Clubs game mode, now known as Clubs, is not left out of the list. If you haven’t heard about all the changes yet, don’t worry because we’ve got everything you need to know about the changes and new features coming to EA FC 24 Clubs.

EA Sports
EA FC 24 Clubs features more customization than ever before.

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs will feature crossplay

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs will feature crossplay for the first time, as confirmed by the devs. However, this crossplay will be limited to matches within the same console generation, meaning that players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will be able to play with each other, as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

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Unfortunately, there is still no option to join a match with friends on different console generations, so PS5 and PS4 players can’t link up in the same club.

EA FC 24 will also mark the first time that Clubs is available on Nintendo Switch, allowing a whole new platform of players to team up and hit the pitch.

EA FC 24 Clubs brings new League Seasons

With EA FC 24, the devs will be overhauling the Clubs League Seasons format that players compete in. They will be broken up into two sections, the League Phase and Playoff Phase.

The League Phase sees teams playing out normal matches as they always have, looking to accumulate points and climb the divisions. Reaching a certain number of points will unlock promotion matches, in which clubs will need to win a set amount of their next few games to jump into the division above.

There will be no relegation during the League Phase, so losing matches or conceding late draws won’t be as catastrophic as before. Instead, League Seasons will reset every six weeks, dishing out rewards based on a club’s current division and relegating them by a predetermined number of leagues.

In the final week of the season, the Playoff phase begins, where all clubs are split into pools based on their rank and battle it out to earn points and climb the Playoff table. These matches will be decided by a penalty shoot-out if things are level after 90 minutes, and those who finish at the top of the table will earn significant club rewards.

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League Seasons in EA FC 24.EA Sports
Clubs is moving to a new format in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Clubs: Club Identity

EA FC 24 will introduce Club Identity, a reputation system for your club that sees you earn fans as you climb the divisions, unlocking larger stadiums, better AI players, and cosmetics.

Additionally, you will be able to customize your own stadium, use animated tifos, and show off the trophies you have won at the side of the field.

For now, this is everything we know about all of the EA Sports FC 24 Clubs new features and changes.

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