EA FC 24: All new Career Mode features

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The developers revealed detailed information about all the new features coming to EA FC 24 Manager or Player Career Mode. If you’re not yet aware of what it’s about, here’s a comprehensive guide with all the details of EA FC 24 Career Mode.

EA FC 24’s Career Mode is a favorite game mode of the football community following the popular Ultimate Team. In this classic mode, you have two possibilities: you can choose to lace up your boots and take to the field to become the next great star of world football, or you can choose to become a successful manager who guides your team to win the most important championships.

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Regardless of your choice, you should know that EA FC 24 Career Mode will also receive a package of new features to achieve a more immersive gameplay experience and give players more control over their own decisions.

If you’re unaware of what this is, here’s a complete guide to all the new features coming to EA FC 24 Career Mode.

EA Sports
As in the latest editions, you will be able to choose between a manager or player career.

All new Manager Career features in EA FC 24 Career Mode

In EA FC 24 Career Mode, you can choose to be a manager and take on the challenge of leading your team to victory in the most important championships, making strategic decisions, and managing the development of your players.

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Among the new features coming to Manager Career Mode, there are a bunch of updates that will give you greater control over team decisions both on and off the pitch with Tactical Vision, hiring specialized coaches, and match preparations.

Tactical Vision

This new feature will allow players to choose which football philosophy to implement in their team in EA FC 24, such as adopting Gegenpressing or favoring Tiki-Taka, among many other strategies.

Players will be able to choose between seven different tactical philosophies, check them out below:

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  • Standard
  • Wing Play
  • Tiki-Taka
  • Counter-Attack
  • Gegenpressing
  • Kick & Rush
  • Park the Bus
EA Sports
As a Manager, you’ll be able to choose your Tactical Vision.


In EA FC 24, players will be able to hire specialized coaches such as goalkeeper or defender coaches to improve those respective roles within the team. The Tactical Knowledge and Player Development levels of each coach will determine the percentage of improvement that players can achieve.

However, Each club has a set number of available coaching positions, which is primarily based on the club’s prestige and value. At the board, players can unlock additional coach slots each year based on their manager rating at the end of the previous season.

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EA Sports
You can hire specialized coaches in EA FC 24 Manager Career.

Training Plans

Match preparations will take on greater importance in EA FC 24. With the renewed Training Plans, players will be allowed to establish the perfect balance between Fitness & Sharpness.

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Players can select from five Training Plans, each with a different focus, ranging from performance to energy. Selecting one of them for a player will tell the club staff what they should be focusing on, for that player.

Finally, the devs explained that the “Training Plans can be assigned individually or to groups of players: Starting XI, Subs, Reserves.”

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All new Player Career features in EA FC 24 Career Mode

If you choose to be a player in EA FC 24 Career Mode and immerse yourself in the experience of becoming a global football star, you will need to train, compete, and strive for glory on the pitch. In EA Sports FC 24 Player Career, two major features are introduced: Player Agents and Career Path Objectives.

Player Agent

In EA FC 24, players will be assigned an agent who will represent them and help negotiate better contracts. Additionally, the agent will provide professional guidance when transfer offers start coming in.

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On the other hand, with Career Path Objectives, you can tell your Agent which team you want to be transferred to or which team you want to reach, and he will provide you with a series of challenges that you must complete to make that transfer happen.

EA Sports
Tell your Agent which team would you like to play and he will give you some objectives to complete.

Player Personality 2.0

The devs have improved the personality system in EA FC 24 Career Mode. At each of the 7 levels of Personality, players will be able to assign a PlayStyle, a unique booster that will change how their avatar behaves on the pitch.

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EA Sports
Players will be able to choose between Maverick, Heartbeat, and Virtuoso personalities in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

Focus Camera

Finally, EA FC 24 Career mode will feature a new camera: the Focus Camera. The devs have explained how it works: “When you are approaching the opponent box or when performing key actions such as dribbling or jockeying, the camera will close in on the player to emphasize the importance of their actions.”

Dynamic Moments

EA FC 24 will feature Dynamic Moments, these moments will be part of new cinematics that aim to make more realistic the Career Mode experience no matter if you choose the Manager or Player Career. These new dynamic moments will only be viewable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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As a player, you will be able to win the Ballon d’Or and be selected as the Player of the Season in extravagant galas. Finally, as a coach, you will be able to win the Manager of the Year as well as celebrate with the team every trophy achieved at the open-top bus trophy parade.

These are all the new features that will arrive in the Career Mode of EA FC 24, whether you choose to become the next star of world football or prefer to become the next successful coach of your favorite team.

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