What is FIFA 2K? Everything we know about rumored EA FC competitor

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Rumors surrounding a FIFA-skinned football simulation game from 2K Sports have escalated in recent weeks, with some sources even suggesting that it could be revealed soon. With this in mind, here’s everything we know about the rumored FIFA 2K game.

According to rumors, 2K Sports, the devs behind popular sports titles such as NBA 2K24 and WWE 2K24, are developing a new football simulation game built around the FIFA license. Speculation regarding the potential FIFA 2K game has been rampant for the past few weeks. If true, the title would likely offer genuine competition to the dominant EA FC from EA Sports.

On that note, here’s everything we know so far about the rumored FIFA 2K game.

When is first FIFA 2K coming out?

While FIFA 2K is yet to be officially confirmed, the game could arrive this year according to rumors. If this does turn out to be the case, it will likely be titled something along the lines of “FIFA 2K25” and be released around the same time as EA FC 25 to provide direct competition.

However, this seems highly unlikely as you have to imagine that development on the game wouldn’t have started until last year since EA Sports still had the FIFA license in 2023.

Creating a football simulation game from scratch takes a long time as it requires the development of various mechanics that need to gel together seamlessly. This alone renders the idea of an unannounced FIFA 2K game being ready for release infeasible.

FIFA 2K: Everything we know

The first bit of information about a potential FIFA 2K title emerged through an X post from Insider Gaming’s Mike Straw who stated that FIFA and 2K could announce a partnership to create an official FIFA-licensed game in the future. A post from creator ‘Chuboi’ on X claiming that some ex-FIFA developers from EA have jumped ship to 2K added further fuel to the fire.

Multiple reports have followed since, including suggestions that the game could be released near the 2026 FIFA World Cup. EA FC leaker ‘FUTZone’ on X has even made claims about the game’s features, such as an open world in the career mode akin to ‘The City’ from NBA 2K24.

Beyond all the speculation, FIFA president Gianni Infantino has confirmed that a new FIFA game is in development. Speaking at a conference, he stated: “We are developing with new partners a new game which obviously, as everything we do, will be best. So, get ready for the new FIFA e-game.”

His announcement came at the height of these rumors which has only emboldened fans’ belief that 2K have secured the FIFA license. However, the truth behind these rumors is yet to be confirmed.

FIFA 2K licensed teams & leagues

FIFA 2K’s existence is yet to be officially confirmed, so there’s no way to provide an accurate estimate of the teams and leagues the game could feature. However, it’s possible that major European leagues including the Bundesliga, Premier League, and LaLiga might not be in the game, at least according to claims ‘ReFifa’ on X.

The leaker has suggested that FIFA 2K could lose out on the official branding for these prominent leagues as they’ve signed exclusivity agreements that tie them to EA FC

These claims are in stark contrast to reports from ‘FUTZone’ on X, who has claimed that the title will be “fully licensed” with 35+ leagues and 800+ teams. If true, these figures eclipse those of EA FC 24.

That was everything we know so far about the rumored FIFA 2K game. Take all this information with a grain of salt since nothing has been confirmed yet, and we’ll be sure to update this page once more details arrive.

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