EA FC 24: Ultimate Team Evolutions explained

Borussia Dortmund Moukoko in EA Sports FC 24EA Sports

The EA FC 24 devs unveiled new details about the new Ultimate Team Evolutions feature. Here’s everything you need to know about it, including what Evolutions is about and how it will work throughout EA FC 24.

Among the many announcements and new features coming to EA FC 24, the one that has generated plenty of buzz is Ultimate Team Evolutions and its dynamic cards.

The EA FC 24 devs have already provided a ton of information about Evolutions. However, they have now revealed new details about the feature, such as what will happen to Campaign player items in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

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Here is a detailed guide on what the new Ultimate Team Evolutions feature in EA FC 24 is all about.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition coverEA Sports
In EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team, you will be able to build mixed teams with men and women.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: Evolution Paths explained

In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, certain dynamic cards can be upgraded through an Evolution Path. Once you select the card you want to improve, it will become an “in-progress” player, as well as becoming an untradeable item.

The EA FC 24 devs revealed much more information about the new Ultimate Team Evolutions feature.

MoukokoEA Sports
Players will get to upgrade cards with the Ultimate Team Evolution feature.

Once a player is in progress, a series of challenges will be enabled that, when completed, will permanently improve the statistics, abilities, positions, and PlayStyles of your player.

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There is no limit to how many evolved players can be in each squad. You can have as many Evolution players in your squad as you want, but you can only work toward one active Evolution upgrade at a time.

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Finally, it is worth noting that not all player cards will be eligible to be selected for the Evolution Path. Each season, the developers will release new Evolution Paths where certain special cards can also be chosen.

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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: Evolutions & Campaign players

According to EA FC 24 Pitch Notes, EA Sports confirmed that players will not only be able to use Evolution Paths via base player items, but they will also be able to upgrade Campaign player items.

As long as Campaign players meet the evolution requirements, you can upgrade the Campaign versions of players in the same way you can upgrade their base versions.

Centurions will be one of the first Ultimate Team campaigns to access Evolution upgrades. Additionally, they are planning to release Evolution Paths for other EA FC 24 events and programs, such as the Team of the Week.

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Centurions Evolution items in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.EA Sports
This is how the Centurions Evolution items in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team will look.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions: Challenges & rewards

The rewards of each EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolution Path and the challenge difficulty will depend on the level you want to achieve. The challenges are not the same for Evolution Level 1, where it might request a certain number of matches played, as Level 3, which could ask you to win games in a specific mode.

The rewards that you can obtain in each upgrade will range from overall improvement to specific attribute upgrades. With the upgrades players can even customize and upgrade the following:

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  • Skill Moves
  • Specific Attributes
  • PlayStyles
  • Alternative Position
  • Weak Foot
  • Work Rate
  • Cosmetics
EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolution Level 3 requirements and rewardsEA Sports
This is an example of the requirements and rewards of the Level-3-Evolution upgrade

That’s all you need to know about EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions dynamic. For more about EA Sports FC 24 we suggest you check out our other related guides.

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