EA FC 24: All new Ultimate Team features

Franco Diaz
All Ultimate Team features in EA Sports FC 24.

The EA FC 24 devs have provided new details about the Ultimate Team mode. EA Sports will introduce a plethora of new features to the most popular game mode. Here are all of the new features in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

EA Sports FC 24 has set its release date for September 29, however, as announced by the developers, players can get early access if they pre-order the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition. Luckily, this wasn’t the only big announcement that the EA Sports development team revealed.

They also provided important information about the fan-favorite game mode of the franchise: Ultimate Team. New features promise to take the Ultimate Team experience to a new level of fun and customization.

Here’s a comprehensive guide with all the new features that will arrive in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team players
EA Sports implements a lot of new features in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Women’s football arrives in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

The first new feature added to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, and perhaps the one that has generated the most buzz, is the inclusion of both men and women football players in one unique Ultimate Team.

In EA FC 24, players will also be able to use the best female players in the world in their mixed squads. According to the details unveiled by the devs, players from the five major women’s football leagues will be present in Ultimate Team, as well special UEFA Women’s Champions League card editions.

Check out the major women’s football leagues that will be present in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team:

  • Barclays Women’s Super League (England)
  • D1 Arkema (France)
  • Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Liga F (Spain)
  • National Women’s Soccer League (United States)

In addition to the most popular female players like Sam Kerr or Alexia Putellas, female Icon cards will also be introduced, featuring the leading pioneers of women’s football.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions explained

The next new Ultimate Team feature that EA FC 24 will introduce is Ultimate Team Evolutions, where users could choose players to upgrade if they complete a set of objectives to improve their skills, PlayStyles, and of course, their overall rating.

As EA Sports explained, with Ultimate Team Evolutions, players “will be able to change how their Player Items look with new designs and animated backgrounds.” They also mentioned that each team can have as many Evolution cards as they want, but you can only evolve one player at a time.

This new dynamic is similar to EVO-cards in the NBA 2K franchise, by completing some objectives like “Score a certain amount of points” or “Make several assists” players can improve the rating and stats of those cards.

Players can upgrade cards with the Ultimate Team Evolution feature.

PlayStyles in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team explained

The innovative addition called PlayStyles in EA FC 24 draws inspiration from X-Factors seen in NHL and Madden games. X-Factors are special abilities bestowed upon players, mirroring their real-life achievements.

“PlayStyles+ will give players abilities on the pitch that few others have”. This brand-new squad-building dynamic will allow users to build their squads based on their knowledge of football players and how they play on the pitch.

EA FC 34 Ultimate Team PlayStyles hud

During the exciting gameplay reveal event, EA presented an intriguing demonstration featuring Sam Kerr, the acclaimed Chelsea player. Through her unique PlayStyle, Sam Kerr exhibited enhanced precision when executing finesse long-shots. As for the full range of abilities that players can expect in EA FC 24, further details are yet to be unveiled.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team’s new quality-of-life features

EA Sports will implement the highly requested Claim All button in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, as well as the ability to change players’ positions without a consumable.

Now, some of the most versatile players will come with a secondary position, and in some cases with a tertiary position, in which they will perform without affecting the gameplay level or team chemistry.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team squad hud
In EA FC 24, some player cards will come with a secondary position.

The revamped EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Icons

Finally, one of the most important changes that the developers will implement in EA FC 24 is regarding Icon cards and their Ultimate Team chemistry points.

From launch, Icons will have a single base version, to be aligned with Heroes and regular player cards. But devs announced that they “will capture the eras and stories of these legendary players by continuing to release additional Campaign versions of Heroes and Icons throughout the year.”

In EA FC 24, Icons will provide one chemistry point to players from any league and they will also provide bonus chemistry when linking players of the same nationality. With this update, it is expected that Icons will regain their prominence in the Ultimate Team meta.

Finally, the devs have confirmed that they put an end to the Mid and Prime Icon versions.

That’s all you need to know about the new EA FC 24 Ultimate Team features. For more about EA FC, we suggest checking out our other guides.

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