Will EA Sports FC have crossplay? Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team Transfer Market, more

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EA Sports FC will usher in a new era for the football sim franchise, and fans looking to play together on a wide variety of platforms are wondering if EA Sports FC will have crossplay functionality. Here’s what you need to know about crossplay in EA Sports FC.

EA Sports FC‘s major July reveal is fast approaching and fans of the franchise are eager to receive new details concerning the upcoming chapter following the split between FIFA and EA Sports.

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Previously, EA introduced crossplay to their FIFA titles to bring players together and let everyone get in on the fun, despite their platform of choice. However, there were still some restrictions in place when it came to crossplay in FIFA 23.

As EA Sports FC’s release date draws closer, let’s take a look at how crossplay will work in the new title.

Will EA Sports FC have crossplay?

According to rumors, EA Sports FC will have crossplay and it will expand on the current crossplay functionality in FIFA 23. As it stands, crossplay on the same platform generation is enabled across a wide variety of modes in FIFA 23.

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When it comes to Ultimate Team, online matchmaking features crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One players on last-gen consoles, as well as those on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This crossplay functionality is expected to remain the same for EA Sports FC Ultimate Team.

EA Sports FC should expand on FIFA 23’s crossplay functionality.

However, the major asterisk for Ultimate Team players is the fact that the PC Transfer Market was separate from the PS5 and Xbox Transfer Market. This could very well change in EA Sports FC, so let’s take a look at the rumored changes to crossplay.

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Leaks suggest EA Sports FC Ultimate to feature new crossplay Transfer Market

For starters, reputable leaker FutSheriff revealed that a full-fledged crossplay Ultimate Team Transfer Market including PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players could debut in EA Sports FC.

The change should still see last-gen platforms share a separate market, but PC players could join current-gen players on a shared Transfer Market in EA Sports FC.

PC players have long since complained about the poor state of the Ultimate Team Transfer Market, given the limited pool of players compared to the player count on console.

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This major change should rectify that issue, all while bringing more availability to a unified Transfer Market.

However, as Sheriff points out, the possibility of running into hackers on PC could rise as they look to utilize cheats for sniping players.

EA Sports FC rumors hint at long-awaited Pro Clubs crossplay

Another major EA Sports FC rumor suggests that Pro Clubs, or now simply Clubs, could finally receive crossplay. Crossplay functionality for Clubs has been at the top of FIFA players’ wishlist for several years now.

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Many longtime FIFA fans viewed the Clubs mode as a dying enterprise and called for the devs to save it. Introducing crossplay to the mode that encourages gaming with friends could breathe new life into EA Sports FC Clubs.

For now, these are just leaks, so take this information lightly. However, we’ll keep you up to date with all of the latest information concerning EA Sports FC crossplay, so stay tuned.

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