Diablo creator dropped Diablo 4 because of “terrible” endgame

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Diablo 4 receives yet another negative feedback as renowned Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 developer Erich Schaefer has criticized the repetitive endgame experience. This has been a trending topic in the Diablo community and now Schaefer has spoken up too.

After its extremely successful launch on June 6, Diablo 4 quickly became one of the biggest games in recent history. However, after a fair amount of criticism from the fans, the game has gone through a variety of changes with new updates and patches every month.

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After the first few weeks of its initial release, many fans pointed out that the endgame experience of D4 was a bit repetitive. However, the developers did not make any massive changes in Season 1 which many think has been a major reason for all this backlash.

Renowned developer Erich Schaefer, who worked on the first two Diablo ventures, took to an interview to reveal his dissatisfaction regarding Diablo 4’s endgame. He found it to be “terrible” in the long run. He added that due to the endgame, he completely lost interest in the title and eventually dropped it entirely.

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However, Schaefer does not seem to hate Diablo 4 as he repeatedly mentions that “the game looks good, and the combat is really good.” He did not fail to mention that he even invested “100-200 hours into the game” before losing interest and dropping it due to the endgame.

Schaefer is a highly respected figure in the Diablo and Blizzard online community as he is one of the main reasons why Diablo is as popular as it is today.

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However, Blizzard have promised that Season 2 will have a huge amount of content in it. With Season 2 just around the corner, now is the perfect time for the developers to listen to fan feedback and implement it into the game.

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