New Diablo 4 Game Pass players don’t understand why it’s hated

Souhardya Choudhury
Lorath in Diablo 4

New Diablo 4 Game Pass players are already impressed with the game, leaving them confused as to why the title received so much hate after its initial launch.

After Diablo 4‘s release on Steam last year, Blizzard have also released the game for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, a strategy that they expected to help bring in more players after declining players numbers in Season 3.

This seems to be working as Diablo 4 has attracted a boatload of new players to the game after its Xbox Game Pass release. Despite the game continuously receiving negative comments and feedback from players since its official launch back on June 6, 2023, new Game Pass players already love it.

Reddit user ‘TheFlexOffenderr’ was impressed with the game after they tried it out. “The game’s beautiful, the quests are plentiful, the community seems great for the most part and I’ve been addicted,” claimed the OP.

New Diablo 4 Game Pass players were rather confused with all the negative remarks against the game. “I never got the hate for it,” added another player while others were busy praising Diablo 4.

The OP further stated: “The way this feels, something truly great happened and I’m glad I gave Diablo IV a shot even though I’d heard some negative things beforehand.”

Diablo 4’s Season 3 release did not go according to Blizzard’s plan as it received continuous backlash from the entire community, as players were furious with the new changes. However, Season 4’s PTR changes have been received comparatively nicely in the community, along with the positive Game Pass release.

Xbox Game Pass players are clearly loving the game so far, so they’ll be eagerly looking forward to more new content in Diablo 4 Season 4.

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