Diablo 4 players desperate for past feature to stop “painful” backtracking

Diablo 4 SkeletonsBlizzard

Diablo 4 players are begging developers to reconsider some design elements that they miss from the Diablo franchise. While the Blizzard team figures out how to patch the latest issues of Season of the Malignant, check what feature has made Diablo 4 players feel nostalgic.

It’s no secret that the Diablo 4 community is outraged by the wave of glitches that have been affecting their gameplay experience since patch 1.1.0 before Season 1. But it seems that fans were more disappointed by some disappearing design elements from the Diablo franchise that allegedly would have made the Diablo 4 gameplay experience better overall.

The key to surviving in Diablo 4 is being comfortable enough with a character’s build to get through hordes of demonic entities and bosses. However, players feel that there’s a design problem that doesn’t help with this task and forces them to keep backtracking their way. “I miss having a minion to pick up my gold,” summed up Reddit user rammchic3345.

Players seem to agree that this simple feature would make their adventure through Sanctuary much more comfortable since any class that can summon minions could get a better looting area without having to click on every item that drops.

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“This sounds awesome… If you’re playing rogue you’re zooming around at least one screen away until the gold even touches the ground. Waddling back and collecting gold is kind of a buzzkill for their vibe,” added Reddit user called –Pariah.

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Some fans also added that the transition from the last season of Diablo 3 was “painful” since features such as minions could also savage poor-quality loot automatically, picking up gems and gold without having to do it manually. “Now look at me. Minionless. It’s just not the same,” joked another reddit user called Broshida.

Diablo 4 Necromancer with skeleton armyBlizzard
Minions are sometimes key for those who are playing alone in Diablo 4.

While waiting for the latest update, players should have in mind that Diablo 4 works as both always online and a live-service title, which makes implementing some features a little bit tricky. However, fans are adamant on repeating that Blizzard devs should start worrying about adding features addressed to the quality-of-life issues so Diablo 4 maintains in the long run.

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