Diablo 4 players desperate for overhaul to useless Ultimate Skills

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Necromancer

Although Ultimate Skills in Diablo 4 were a major aspect of many builds in the game’s preseason, their importance has fallen off due to the abundance of meta builds in Season 4. This has led to player demands to fix these skills so they could contribute to combat gameplay on a larger scale.

Reddit user ‘luckydog27’ mentioned this in their post on the Diablo 4 subreddit, as they said that the Ultimate Skills in the game are just “bad at doing damage.” With each passing season, dealing more and more damage has been the trend in D4 builds and the Ultimate Skills are failing to live up to that.

“I really want to make a [Critical Damage] focused build that uses an Ultimate to kill things, but I have been unable to find an Ultimate for any class that does damage,” claimed the OP. However, it was not just the OP as many others agreed with them as well.

“Ultimates largely missed the mark, which is a shame because they are some of the coolest-looking skills by far. The cooldowns are way too long for the type of ARPG D4 is shaping up to be,” claimed another player, focussing on the long cooldowns of these skills.

Ultimate Skills played a massive role in early-game builds as they tend to deal decent damage in lower levels. However, with the endgame experience becoming more and more challenging with every new season, these skills fail to hold their weight against other playstyles.

For example, Bone Spear Necromancers were heavily invested in using the Bone Storm Ultimate as a finisher due to its massive AoE radius. However, players with the same build in Season 4 tend to ignore it and invest their Skill Points in other useful areas.

“Kinda sad how neglected most of them are. Maybe they’ll make them useful again someday,” added a hopeful Diablo 4 player, while others claimed that the main reason behind this is the “horribly designed” skill tree.

If Ultimates aren’t for you until changes arrive, perhaps you could use other powerful builds with Uber Uniques to win against the endgame challenge.