Diablo 4 players beg devs not to “abandon” fan-favorite mode removed in Season 3

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Vampiric Power

After the beginning of Season 3, Diablo 4 players have been suggesting several changes, and one of them has asked the devs not to forget about a popular game mode from D3 that was removed at the end of Season 2.

Diablo 4 Season 3 might not have popped off in the most ideal way possible, however, Blizzard have been trying to fix issues that the player base has been pointing out. Among the complaints, some suggestions and ideas pop up regularly for the devs to take a look at as well.

Season 2 has been regarded as the best Diablo 4 season by many, as players are still missing its intriguing features like Blood Harvest and Abattoir of Zir.

Reddit user ‘datpuz’ posted about this in the Diablo 4 subreddit as they urged the devs to not “abandon the Greater Rift/AoZ game mode” in D4. The OP continued: “Greater Rift pushing is a form of competitive PvE that is not offered by any other game in the genre.”

For context, Greater Rifts are more or less the Diablo 3 version of Abattoir of Zir that was introduced during Season 2 and were the most important endgame activities of their respective games. After the announcement of Leaderboards in Season 3, players would like to target these events rather than the Gauntlet to see their names up on top.

“Please bring it back [in Diablo 4],” said the OP about the Abattoir of Zir and Greater Rifts. Other players were also on the same page as the OP, as one of them claimed: “I LOVED the rift grind in D3.” Some players added that Greater Rifts “made the game feel alive since you can join other people with the matchmaking.”

Many argued that they “don’t get why don’t Blizz just add AoZ again,” in Diablo 4, while others believed that Greater Rifts are “10x better” than what they have right now in the game.

Blizzard are yet to provide concrete information about game modes about the AoZ and Greater Rifts returning in Diablo 4. However, note that in the previous Campfire Chat on February 29, the devs suggested waiting for the upcoming Season 4 Player Test Realm updates when asked about AoZ.

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