Diablo 4 players call out Blizzard for “diluting” the game

Stephanie Zucarelli
Diablo 4 Inarius

Diablo 4 has struggled since its release, and players are feeling that devs might have lost their way trying to “please everybody” with its updates.

Diablo 4 has had a lot of detractors since its release, but Blizzard managed to put a stop to a lot of critiques thanks to the warm reception to Season of Blood. However, Season 3 has reminded fans about everything they’ve been asking devs to fix to “save” the latest Diablo installment.

In a Reddit post called “Blizzard needs to decide what Diablo 4 IS, and stick to it,” players rallied to debate what has been happening in the latest season, and to figure out why most Diablo 4 announcements have seemingly missed the point of what users need.

“I know many areas need improving, but whatever Diablo 4 was supposed to be at launch has been diluted with multiple significant changes made as knee-jerk reactions to complaints made here and elsewhere,” stated the OP.

Diablo 4 Uniques.
Players feel that the Unique items system should also be reworked.

The player argued that it seemed that the Diablo 4 dev team didn’t have a clear idea of what they wanted for the game, and that the different seasons have shown that they focus on very specific changes without addressing the game’s core problem.

“Is this game more casual friendly, or challenging? Is the game trying to be more complex, or more approachable? Is the game Diablo 2.1, Diablo 3.1, or its own thing?” asked user ‘yxalitis.’

Players suggested that the main problem of Diablo 4 was that it “failed to innovate or refine,” and that this latest installment lacks “basic systems” that can be found in previous editions or even in competitors such as Last Epoch.

Other fans felt that Blizzard has been focusing more on selling cosmetic bundles and other live service features than trying to improve the game. While a few users called for this content to be removed, some fans felt that the real problem was that devs seemed to be pushing for this type of content instead of giving players challenges to feel motivated throughout Diablo 4 endgame.

“The game is in desperate need of 4 particular things: The big itemization rework. Also, it begs the question: will we get the entire rework package soon or will some of it be saved for the expansion pack?The aspect codex update. Arguably the worst iteration of this particular system. A skill tree rework or some new additions to the skill tree. Better endgame content,” read a comment.

And that’s why Diablo 4 players slam Blizzard for “diluting” the game after each update. If you want to know more about Blizzard’s ARPG, you can check which glitches are rendering Barbarian builds useless in The Gauntlet and why players are begging for a more challenging World Tier.

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