Diablo 4 players desperate for Offline Mode after major server outages

Liam Mackay
Diablo 4 Sorcerer, Rogue, and Barbarian classesBlizzard

Diablo 4 players were unable to play after major server issues affected the game, and it’s reignited calls for Blizzard’s action RPG to feature an Offline Mode so they can grind in peace while there are issues.

Diablo 4 has been a massive hit since its early access launch on June 2, becoming the fastest-selling Blizzard game ever and receiving glowing reviews. As players grind the game to complete the campaign, level up, and create new builds, server issues have been getting in the way.

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Whether it’s planned maintenance or things simply going wrong, Diablo 4’s always-online nature means that players are booted from the game whenever there are server issues. Frustrated with being unable to play, Diablo 4 players are desperate for an Offline Mode, although it might not be as simple as that.

In a Reddit post made while the servers were down, user No_Place_Safe said, “Blizzard, if you can’t keep servers online, give us offline mode.”

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“God im so f**king sick of this always online bullsh*t,” said another user. “I miss the golden age of gaming.”

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“I’d be completely fine with always online and servers if we actually had more basic social features in the game,” explained Risenzealot. “As it stands we get all the problems of servers and very few benefits.”

However, while players are desperate to see an Offline Mode added, not many are confident that it will actually appear. Many iterated that it’s never going to happen, and to show that this complaint isn’t anything new, ‘potatoshulk’ said, “It’s like I’m really back in 2012 in the D3 forums.”

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Others discussed that an Offline Mode could actually cause more problems than it would solve, as cheaters were rampant in both Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 on consoles.

“Offline means cheaters everywhere as you could modify [your] character files at will. D2 was a sh*tshow because of that,” explained WarlockMainCharacter. “I much prefer this game being fully online.”

It’s unlikely for Blizzard to implement an Offline Mode for Diablo 4, but as the weeks go on and Season 1 approaches, hopefully, server issues will be few and far between.

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