Diablo 4 players beg Blizzard for warning ahead of servers being shut down

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Diablo 4 servers keep being shut down without warning and players want more communication from the devs, asking them to give a warning or a countdown before they’re locked out of the game.

While Diablo 4 has been adored by long-time fans and new players alike, the massive influx of players on launch day caused server queues and other login issues. While the devs have been hard at work to fix these issues, sometimes they’ll temporarily shut down the servers for maintenance.

Players who are deep into a session can be booted out without warning, and they’re desperate for the devs to add a countdown or warning before maintenance, allowing them to plan and avoid losing progress in a dungeon or boss fight.

Maintenance took place on June 7, with Blizzard confirming on Twitter that “While the game is still online, there may be intermittent login/connection issues as changes roll out to servers.” However, it came as a surprise to those who were locked in, suddenly being kicked out of their session.

Reddit user ‘Same-Drink2905’ took to the Diablo 4 subreddit to ask Blizzard to “PLEASE stop shutting down servers with zero warning.”

To add insult to injury, they explained that World of Warcraft, another Blizzard game, “warns the players before shutting servers down. As they should, it’s common sense.”

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“In the middle of a nightmare dungeon or a helltide, and servers suddenly go down,” they continued. “On no planet is that acceptable for your players. Full stop.” They also said they shouldn’t have to check Twitter for updates.

“Agreed. Past games (including WoW, a Blizzard game) have always had a ‘server maintenance in 15 minutes’ kind of notice. It’s weird D4 isn’t doing that,” said another user.

“I’ll happily find a stopping point and log out and go do something else while they work on the servers, but getting kicked mid-dungeon crawl is dumb. Especially in a game that’s essentially single player+.”

Another player, R3JEX said, “Posting on Twitter/launcher is fine and all but that’s not a good alternative for those playing and that will be actively affected. It’s not even a big ask/complaint. I feel bad for those playing hardcore with this.”

Whether Blizzard will add an in-game warning similar to World of Warcraft remains to be seen, but players are certainly desperate to see it added in the future.

While there should be smaller updates and patch notes over the next few weeks, the next major update is set to be Season 1 which brings a Battle Pass and new content.

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