Diablo 4 players report Barbarian glitch making The Gauntlet “impossible”

Stephanie Zucarelli
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Diablo 4 players are trying their best to get top scores for the Leaderboard Legends event, but have found two glitches that have significantly slowed down most Barbarian builds.

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct has had its share of bugs, and even if The Gauntlet has been released later this season, it hasn’t been the exception. While players have been slamming the new game mode after discovering several exploits, fans are also on high alert after seeing reports of a couple of game-breaking bugs involving Barbarian builds.

As seen in Diablo 4 official forums, a player shared that these glitches are slowing down Barbarians and affecting their overall performance in The Gauntlet. The first bug involves Ancestral Charge, which has reportedly stopped working at random, and has left these builds only able to use their base Charge.

The second one has glitched Power Charge, and the user described that it has stopped being consistent through the challenge.

Diablo 4 Barbarian and a Seneschal Construct
Barbarians have been the best class to face Season 3 challenges.

“There are times when I will charge a big pack and yet my CD on charge ends up being something like 9 seconds. It’s not always easy to spot exactly how much time it takes to charge to CD sometimes because you are in the middle of running the gauntlet but there are times when I won’t be able to use my charge for a while. And that shouldn’t be happening unless I charge a single mob,” commented the player.

Other players gathered in the post and confirmed to had experienced these problems before, and a user said that this has been happening since the latest Diablo 4 patch. “Test it every day. Still an issue. Not as bad in open world, but as soon as you get into a dungeon, everything bugs out. Makes Gauntlet impossible to run with a decent score,” described another user.

A fan speculated that these glitches could be related to where Barbarians have equipped Ancestral Charge, as the glitch of this Affix seems to vary depending on where it’s applied.

“Yeah and it’s really not fair, I know I could almost double my current score, but lose my most powerful aspects when I go there, too late in the game for a new build so this whole game is starting to feel like a scam if this is not fixed within a few days I’m deleting this game forever,” read a comment.

And that’s what Diablo 4 players have been reporting about the two glitches breaking Barbarian builds. If you want to know more about Blizzard’s ARPG, you can check when the next Diablo 4 dev livestream is, and why players are begging for a more challenging World Tier.

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