What is Rustment in MW3? New playlist explained

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Modern Warfare 3 introduces Rustment to the game as a new playlist, but what is it? Here’s everything you need to know about Rustment in MW3.

Playlist updates for Modern Warfare 3 are coming thick and fast, with players enjoying modes like Terminal 24/7 and 10v10 Mosh Pit, which some even hope stays as a permanent mode.

Camo grinders are always looking for the best playlist to complete challenges as fast as possible, and it tends to be the smaller map playlists that they sway towards, with Shipment 24/7 being the most popular in previous Modern Warfare titles.

While Rust 24/7 is certainly a great option for those grinding camos, a new MW3 playlist titled Rustment may have some wondering what it entails, so here are the details.

MW3 Rustment 24/7 explained

MW3‘s Rustment 24/7 is a playlist of two maps, Rust and Shipment, with the game modes Kill Confirmed, Domination, Hardpoint, and Team Deathmatch.

These two smaller maps will be the only ones on rotation for this playlist, offering players 6v6 mosh pit chaos and constant action.

When does Rustment arrive in MW3?

The Rustment playlist arrived in MW3 on Thursday, November 30, 2023, at around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT.

It’s unclear how long Rustment 24/7 will stick around for, but it’s safe to say it will be in the game for a decent amount of time, perhaps as long as two weeks.

If the demand is there as well, the devs will likely keep it in the game much like they did with Shipment 24/7 back on MW2. Perhaps the devs will eventually decide to bring a Shipment 24/7 playlist, but until then, Rustment will be the closest thing to it.

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