MW3 players want iconic map that “aged poorly” replaced by new favorite

Nathan Warby
Rust map MW3

Modern Warfare 3 is packed full of maps that have developed big reputations over the years, but players are calling out one iconic map and asking for it to be replaced by a new favorite.

Modern Warfare 3 launched with a selection of iconic maps from 2009 and the roster has only grown with each update. Shipment was added shortly after launch, with the likes of Stash House and Vista arriving in Season 2.

The response to the remastered maps has been mostly positive, as fans have relished the chance to play on their old favorites once again. However, some feel that specific maps haven’t aged well and don’t necessarily work in a modern FPS.

Now, MW3 players have slammed one of the game’s most recognizable maps and called for it to be replaced in some modes.

Reddit user ‘Connnooorrr’ shared a post asking the devs to “remove Rustment and add in Meatment,” as “Rust just isn’t it.” They went on to explain why they didn’t care for Rust in Modern Warfare 3 when it’s one of the most beloved arenas from the original MW2.

“Every single match of Rust/Shipment the whole lobby avoids Rust and votes for Shipment every time,” said the OP. “Rust just doesn’t play like it used to and no one wants to deal with the guy camping up top.”

MW3 usually offers at least one playlist made up exclusively of small maps, whether it be Shipment 24/7 or a combination of more compact battlegrounds. But, players feel that Rust should be removed from the equation, with the spawns being the main frustration.

“The spawns on Rust get worse every update,” said one reply, before another added: “Rust aged poorly and is just built weird for the fast pace, it’d probably play better as a 4v4 or even maybe gunfight map. I don’t really understand the logic behind removing their new original map for 2 old maps.”

Meanwhile, players argued that “Meat is the best new map in a long time,” and should replace Rust in the 24/7 playlists going forward. One player even said, “Meat should never leave the 24/7 spot.”

It’s unlikely that the devs will completely ignore Rust going forward, given how many players still enjoy the classic map. However, we’ll have to wait and see if Rustment becomes a lesser-used playlist in the future.

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