MW3 players discover “broken” Terminal glitch that could ruin Search & Destroy matches

Nathan Warby
Terminal in MW2 (2009)

Modern Warfare 3 players are finally hopping into multiplayer to experience classic maps. However, fans have already found a Terminal glitch that could disrupt Search and Destroy at launch.

Modern Warfare 3 brings back all of the original maps from MW2 (2022), all with a fresh coat of paint to suit a 2023 CoD release. While many fans were worried that the addition of features like doors could harm the maps, the devs have brought back plenty of classic Easter eggs and exploits to keep the nostalgia going.

Players can once again get on top of the building on Highrise, and a nod to the infamous old lady prank can be found on Underpass. However, with Modern Warfare 3 now in players’ hands, a worrying glitch has been discovered on Terminal that could wreak havoc on Search and Destroy matches.

X user ‘Vxlues’ was recreating the tried-and-tested trick of getting on top of the plane on Terminal in a Search and Destroy match when they made an alarming discovery.

After hopping onto the wing of the aircraft, they were able to plant the bomb at objective A, which is found inside the plane. They were able to complete the plant and begin the countdown without stepping foot inside.

While the player appeared to be in a private match, many replies were naturally concerned about the effect this could have on real S&D matches in MW3. If the bomb can be planted at A from outside, then attacking teams could sneak an advantage in each round as the defenders are left helplessly guarding the interior.

Well-known CoD leaker ‘TheGhostOfHope’ shared the clip, posting: “Terminal SnD is chalked at launch oh god.” Meanwhile, some criticized the game for featuring such a “broken” bug at launch.

Luckily, the devs have confirmed they are aware of and “investigating” the problem on the official Call of Duty Trello board. With this in mind, don’t be surprised to see a fix released very soon.

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