MW3 expert JGOD shares must-know tips to complete hardest camo challenges

Nathan Warby
MW3 player holding rifle with Interstellar camo.

The Modern Warfare 3 camo grind is well and truly, as players desperately try to unlock the Interstellar Mastery camo. Luckily, CoD expert JGOD has revealed some easy tips to help fans complete the toughest challenges needed along the way.

While Modern Warfare 3 players will be focusing on leveling up and Prestiging early on in the game’s lifecycle, it’s unlocking camos that will keep them busy for months to come. This year, there are four shiny new Mastery camos to work towards, with the ultimate goal being Interstellar.

The camo grind is noticeably easier in MW3 compared to Modern Warfare 2 (2022), but there are still a handful of challenges that hold you up and cause some problems, as they force you to adapt the way you would normally play a match.

Luckily, Call of Duty expert JGOD has shared some essential tips to help Modern Warfare 3 players complete the toughest challenges on the road to Interstellar.

In his November 21 video, JGOD revealed some handy camping spots to earn bullet penetration kills. “By far the easiest” one mentioned was on Scrapyard, inside the building where the B flag can be found on Domination.

This small structure has a chain fence on one side that players can see through, but shooting enemies through it still counts as a penetration kill. He also recommended players shoot through the walls of the various buildings around the B flag on Favela or use a Sniper Rifle to kill enemies through glass, as the first shot that breaks the window also counts in MW3.

Another difficult challenge he highlighted was getting three kills with a single magazine. JGOD found that players could die after getting one or two kills and still finish the job after respawning, as long as they don’t reload at any point.

He clarified that this is likely due to a glitch that could be patched in a future update, but for now, this can be ticked off relatively easily in Modern Warfare 3.

The final tricky Mastery camo challenge JGOD focused on was getting kills while Fully Loaded. For this, he advised equipping the Gunner Vest, as players will automatically spawn with maximum ammo without the need to scavenge more.

Then, any kills earned while the reserve ammo count is still at maximum capacity, meaning you haven’t reloaded, will contribute towards the challenge.

With these useful tips, players should be able to blast through the Modern Warfare 3 camo grind in no time, meaning they’ll be able to show off their Mastery skins when Ranked Play arrives midway through Season 1.

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