MW3 players already in love with Season 2 map set to “overthrow” Shipment

Aakash Regmi
Stash House in Modern Warfare 3

Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 is said to add three new 6v6 maps, with one more to be added at a later date. But, even before Season 2’s release, fans have already picked up their favorite, which they think will be the “new Shipment.”

Modern Warfare 3 brought tons of classic maps from the original MW2, as well as plenty of new maps. For many, some of the newer ones are already replacing the original beloved maps as their new favorites.

Meat is the one of latest additions that players think has joined the pantheon of highly-regarded maps, Shipment and Nuketown. Now, many believe that one of the upcoming Season 2 maps, Stash House, will “overthrow” Meat and Shipment.

All of these maps are short in size, and many players currently prefer them because of how chaotic they can get, making them perfect for grinding camos.

On CharlieIntel’s X (formerly Twitter) post showing the new Stash House map, many players can be seen celebrating the size of the map. A user wrote, “This is the new shipment.” Another user said, “Hell yeah this looks good.”

Many said that MW3 should only add new short maps, given how good players think they’re: “They should stick to only making small maps. Everyone loved [it] when they added Meat and we’ll all be playing Stash House too.” Others said that with its introduction, the game should add a new playlist “with all of the small maps in rotation” so everybody isn’t “spamming just Shipment.”

Elsewhere on Reddit, the reception is the same as well, with players saying, “I can’t wait for das haus 24/7.”

Some, meanwhile, said the game already has enough and doesn’t need more new small maps, “We got Rust, Shipment, Meat, StashHouse AND Das Hause. I think we have enough tiny maps.”

Stash House will be playable after the Season 2 update arrives for MW3 on February 7. For more, check out all the new weapons coming with the Season 2 update, as well as the Season 2 Battle Pass.

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