MW3 LTM removes “annoying” Killstreaks and players want it permanently

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operator holding gun in multiplayer

MW3 players have been treated to a Streakless LTM in the June 13 playlist update, which many are loving and want to be permanent.

MW3 introduced a new Streakless Rustment playlist in the June 13 update, which sees the usual ruleset and modes on Rust and Shipment but without Killstreaks.

Killstreaks are a major aspect of Call of Duty multiplayer, but they can sometimes be frustrating when they dominate the lobby, especially if the enemy team is popping off.

So, this new Streakless playlist gives players the chance to experience the game without worrying about an enemy UAV exposing your position, or a Chopper Gunner hailing down on you as you spawn.

MW3 players are loving it too, so much so that the community would love to see it stay as a permanent playlist in the game, as they shared their opinions on Reddit.

“I’ve seen enough give me a streakless mode permanently please,” said one user, while another posted, “This streakless playlist is truly a breath of fresh air. I hope we get more maps included.”

The majority seem to think people “camp less and play a bit quicker” without Killstreaks, and it gives them an opportunity to run different loadouts since there’s less need for Perks that counter enemy Killstreaks.

It’s unclear how long the Streakless Rustment LTM will be available for in MW3, but if there’s enough demand, there’s no reason as to why the devs wouldn’t bring it back.

If you’re wondering what you’ll do without it, one comment reminded players that the War game mode also doesn’t feature Killstreaks, so those who enjoy Streakless Rustment should give it a chance if they haven’t played it yet.

The original Black Ops featured a mode without Killstreaks called Barebones. You never know, perhaps Treyarch will make note of how much players are enjoying the streakless playlist and bring it back for Black Ops 6.