Warzone players sick of “pointless” gunfights that drag on too long

Nathan Warby
Warzone player holding rifle behind cover

Eliminating rival squads is the main objective of Warzone, but players feel that fights often seem “pointless” due to sheer the number of resources and features enemies can use to survive.

Like most battle royale titles, Warzone is all about taking out enemy teams until you’re the last one standing. There are plenty of different tactics and playstyles you can deploy to secure the win, whether you prefer running and gunning with an SMG or hanging back with a Sniper Rifle.

But, while being knocked in other titles like Fortnite or Apex Legends can prove catastrophic for your chances, the CoD BR has several ways to rescue the situation. These range from a Backpack that can store fresh Armor Plates, to Self Revives that you pick yourself up without needing a teammate.

However, many players are growing frustrated with these features, as it’s making it almost impossible to quickly drop a rival squad.

Reddit user ‘I_AM_THE_SEB’ shared a post claiming that “the current resource system makes mid-range fights pointless.” They accompanied it with a screenshot showing a player with 18 plates stacked, meaning they could return to max armor after losing all three six times.

This gave way to a number of replies from other Warzone players who argued that the sheer number of resources available to players means that fights drag on for far too long, as enemies can easily recover after being shot at mid or long-range.

“Gun fights now are 5 minutes and then having to deal with a 3rd party squad. Way too many self-rez, too many redeploy tokens, and flares. Fighting the same squads for 25 minutes isn’t fun at all,” said one reply, before another added: “I understand they want their player base to continue playing but load into a new match. Don’t give everyone 10 self revives lol.”

The main issue players seemed to have was that these resources make it difficult to quickly pick off an enemy from a distance, since they can just Self Revive, plate up, and get back in the fight, making Trios and Quads matches feel “terrible.”

“When players can fully plate up 5 times in a row, have multiple self-rezzes and a munitions box, then anything but headshot sniping or close range turns into a war of attrition,” added another reply, before another agreed: “This is why people have like 4000 damage and 2 kills.”

Only time will tell if the devs will address these issues in a future update. But for now, many Warzone players are reporting to close-range SMGs and Shotguns to defeat enemies before they have time to bounce back.