Warzone needs to stop neglecting its main mode

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Operator surviving in battle royale

While Battle Royale once made Warzone great, recent seasonal updates have seen devs shift their focus towards Resurgence, inadvertently neglecting the free-to-play title’s main mode.

Battle Royale was once considered Warzone’s main mode, but following the introduction of Vondel, Ashika Island, Fortune’s Keep, and soon Rebirth Island, it feels like devs have completely shifted their focus to the fast-paced Resurgence, ditching the former.

The latest BR content aspires to deliver a fusion with Resurgence, notably affecting the feel of the classic mode. This goes from excessive respawn methods like cheaper Buybacks, Redeploy Flare guns, or Gulag Tokens, where limited lives should predominate, to repetitive Jailbreak events allowing the tension to be broken.

While offering diverse maps and modes could benefit the Warzone player base, it seems that the ongoing push for streamlining how Battle Royale plays out has resulted in devs overlooking and nearly sidelining the feeling of the original Battle Royale mode that made the game so popular.

After the latest seasonal updates, players have echoed this sentiment in the Warzone subreddit, wondering how the developers could overlook the game’s main mode: “The game really isn’t a battle royale anymore.”

Others highlighted the same idea that BR feels just like “resurgence on a bigger map.” Possibly because the changes introduced were designed to “help bad players stay in longer,” which ends up hurting the BR feel by transforming it into a massive Resurgence match.

I believe there’s still the opportunity to restore a balance where both Battle Royale and Resurgence can hold their significance within Warzone. Perhaps the devs will recognize how far Battle Royale has been removed from the original experience, or Treyarch’s Call of Duty 2024 will bring a completely new one.

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