Warzone players sick of “pathetic” visibility getting them killed

Nathan Warby
warzone operator looking forward with gun in hand

Warzone players have called out the state of the game’s visibility, claiming they can’t see anything during fights and calling it the “worst” they’ve ever experienced.

While picking the best guns or Perks is essential, none of that means anything if you can’t pick out enemies. Players spend plenty of time ensuring their settings are on point, but many feel that the game itself makes it too difficult to see what you’re doing.

Reddit user ‘KeyPineapple61’ shared a screenshot of an encounter they had, where the enemy was virtually invisible because they were standing in a doorway. While they were tough to make out at the start of the fight, they had all but vanished into the darkness when shots started to fly.

“Some of the worst visibility I’ve ever seen in an FPS game. Jesus Christ,” said the OP, before following up in the comments: “As soon as I’m getting shot dude is gone, there’s zero visibility.”

Plenty of other Warzone fans responded, agreeing that the visibility is making it difficult to win some fights depending on where you are on the map.

“Dogs**t game I keep saying this and everyone just goes ‘skill issue,’ I’ve tried every f**kin setting to see better [and] nothing has helped,” said one reply, while another added: “There are a couple of areas like this on Rebirth where you basically can’t see s**t if you’re outside looking in.”

Some even compared it to other battle royale games, arguing that they don’t have these kinds of visibility issues when playing Apex Legends or Fortnite.

“Apex has nailed visibility,” argued another player. “I have over 500 hours on Apex and never had an issue like that. Just give players a light outline and you’re good to go but people in here would argue that it ‘breaks the immersion.’ Pathetic.”

Although this has been an ongoing issue for many Warzone players, running the best FOV settings is still essential if you want to have the best hope of spotting enemies. You’ll also need to make sure your controller or mouse and keyboard setup is on point so you can snap onto them and power through the occasionally poor visibility.